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Fundraising Ideas For High School Students

Clayton Said:

High School fundraising for students who wants to become teachers?

We Answered:

There are companies that make discount cards for fundraising. Local companies give cardholders discounts. Your groups sells them usually making a 50% profit.

Throw a party where you feed people pasta, and people pay $50 for food, entertainment and maybe an auction. You can auction services provided by the students raising the money (i.e., babysitting, tutoring, helper for a day, etc.)

Hold a raffle after asking local businesses for donations

Hold a walk/dance/jog athon, or just a walk for education type event. Peopel pay to enter and/or get donations for miles walked etc.

Make & Sell custom designed calendars with your group's artwork or pictures

Create a cookbook. Collect recipes from students their families and friends. You can either print it yourself at Kinkos or there are online companies to do it for you.

Type in fundraisers in google and you wil lfind plenty. Also as your local PTA for ideas.

Wendy Said:

What are some good fundraising ideas for high school students?

We Answered:

My best friend’s kids did a fundraiser through Not only were they selling a product that people are already going to buy (none of that weird random gift stuff) but the school got 50% profit which is pretty much unheard of in fundraisers. You collect the money when you take the order and then send half to the company, who sends your products to you within 2 weeks.

Theresa Said:

Fundraising Ideas for HIgh School?

We Answered:

The French Club had a dog wash !! OMG... it was hysterical. First , the dog went to a " washer". then to a
" rinser" and then the dryers who had blow dryers. Then , last he went to the " treater" where he got a doggie treat.

They put up flyers all over town two weeks in advance in shops and shop windows. They got a pet store to donate the dog shampoo, but some people brought their own. The dog treats were also donated. They charged $3.00 for small dogs and $4. 25 for large dogs.

When it was all over they had a water fight and they made almost $500( I think... not sure)

You need wash buckets and water hoses. They really had more customers than they thought and a line formed, so some of the athletes came to help.

Violet Said:

High school fundraising ideas?

We Answered:

Car wash
sell t-shirts with your school's name and mascot on it.
In my town they have an old glory days and the high school sets up booths idk what they sell I don't pay much attention.

Also in my town they would have the teachers work at mc donalds or hardees and 50% of what they earn goes to the school. But I live in a small town so idk if it would work any where else.

Annette Said:

Have any Valentines Day Fundraising tips for High School Students?

We Answered:

"Wrapped up in you."
Do you gift wrap lockers? I guess it's because I went to an all girls' high school, it was a tradition, but you can offer to sell pre-measured gift wrap with different designs, matching gift bows and curling ribbon... it's an absolutely cheesy but totally adorable way to make it know who your sweetheart is. Oh remember to use MASKING tape if you do this.

"Love blossoms."
Selling a sachet of flower seed mix with a note attached at the top with some curling ribbon? Super cheap and easy to do.

"Sweets for my sweet."
Buy multiple candy in bulk, get those small chinese take out boxes or wrap it up in colored saran wrap. Have people sign up for who they want it to be sent to, and to which homeroom to send it to, and/or sell it during cafeteria time.

Hope these ideas help. :]

Regina Said:

Does anyone have any fundraising ideas for high school students relating to animals?

We Answered:

Since Petco allowed you to do gift wrapping there, see if they will let you do pet photos or since it is Christmas time, have someone dress up as santa and have pet photos with Santa. Sorry, I'm drawing a blank on anything else but hope this helps you out some.

Myrtle Said:

What are some good, profitable fundraising ideas for high school students?

We Answered:

Actually, my son's high school did away with fund raisers. Instead, a $5.00 "fee" was added to the general fee at the beginning of the year. It was determined that with the economy, it was easier to pay that than to get the small percent from a fund raiser, because people just were not buying the products (candles, cookies, etc.), and they made more this way.

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