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Games For High School Students

Clarence Said:

Is there a site for games, puzzles and activities for Queensland high school students?

We Answered:

not sure if its the sort of place you are looking for,but it has lots of puzzles and stuff its free to join.... I love it and the challenges for using your brain....enjoy..have fun

Kristina Said:

Does anyone know any good "surviving" high school games?

We Answered:

Well of course there's Surviving High School the game for the ipod touch. I don't think it's available on any other portable.

Lonnie Said:

What are some good games to play with middle school/High school students?

We Answered:

Have a Freestyle dance contest. Those are always popular.. Or have a "Snowball" where you pick a partner and then when you say snowball you switch partners throughout the song.

Ronnie Said:

Can you share some games and activities for the class orientation? (for high school students)?

We Answered:

If the students already know each other, do this excerise where they write down their name on a piece of paper and have all their classmates write down the nicest thing they can think of about that person.

another idea would be to get each student up in front of the class and have them say 5 little known facts about themselves.

hope that helps!

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