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Geography Projects For High School Students

James Said:

Capstone project ideas?

We Answered:

What are you most interested in? You could work just about any interest into a geography project if you get creative enough.

A few good places to peruse for ideas are the U.N. and National Geographic. If either of those organizations study it, it's somehow geographic in nature and you could make a project of it. Other good places are the CIA World Fact Book, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the USGS.

Tracy Said:

Geography or geology related science fair projects?

We Answered:

do a presentation on the dutch polder? half the netherlands is dry land 6meters under sealevel at some spots. we have used polders since the 1500's to keep the land dry and farmable.

you could talk about how we use dams to control the flow of water, how we relocate rivers, keep the water out, get rid of rain water etc.

heres a nice picture of how the country side looks.…

Eugene Said:

I need ideas for a school project regarding the 'natural environment' (Read for details)?

We Answered:

The relationship between human life and nature is a struggle. It's a tough balancing act, because human consumption leads to growth and better standard of living. However, consumption creates hazardous wastes and destroys the environment. To protect, the environment, would mean to reduce human consumption of the world's resources.

The best example to illustrate this is mining. It accounts for 80% or more of environmental waste. We mining for industrial use as well as energy from coal. It's a necessity. Yet when we mine, we expose chemicals from buried grounds to the rain that become runoffs in the river. That in turn contaminates our drinking water as well as the species in an ecosystem.
We should all think twice before we buy a piece of jewelry.

Another example would be the runoff of fertilizers and pesticides from farms that contaminate drinking water and in turn affect our own health. The constant struggle to balance need and our environment's health is currently a losing battle, but we can all be aware and make subtle changes to make a difference.

Judith Said:

Geography or geology related science fair project?

We Answered:

If you want a winner, but a "killer" as well, I'd choose geology. For an eye catcher, I'd track the locations, and geological history of the gold deposits in the west coast. If interested, look up Stan Smith. He was an engineer that studied this out, and would be a good starting point. Books about the history and locations of past digs would be a good addition. The "Lost Dutchman" mine is just the tip of that iceberg that would have relevance and anecdotal interest to the study.

Michelle Said:

What is the major unit of money called in China? How does its value compare to the U.S. dollar?

We Answered:

It's called a tar ball.

Clayton Said:

I'm really nervous/excited about school.?

We Answered:

Boy...I can relate...but luckily I never experienced 'freshman prejudice'. I'm beginning to think it's a rare occurrence....but it may be different where you are.
Anyway, you seem to have everything you need for your first day. If you want to try the locker shelf, go for it and see if it works! :) Some of my friends can't stand it and some would rather live without it. I've never needed a lot of locker attributes so I can't help with saying it worked for me, but it shure can work for you! :)
Your schedule looks similar to that of mine (except I had pre-algebra and earth science rather than algebra and biology, which I had as a sophomore, among other differences) but every school is different with the subjects they provide. It's good your taking Health; many people would rather take it in any before-senior-year semester if their schedule can allow it. If the teachers really act unfair to you in any way possible (you mentioned some have flaws), you could try to sort it out and if all else fails take it to the Principal and perhaps he can help you....but only maybe.
Don't listen to the 'oh a freshman is dirty and nobody likes them' rumor, if there even is one. I happen to have/have had a lot of freshman friends as a sophomore/junior, and shurely will as a senior. Okay, some were...unsocial, and in rare cases just plain rude (you'll find that in all the grades, not just in freshman year), but after no avail came to countlessly talking to them I ignored them and kept on saying hi to those that I didn't say hi to yet. That's what you can do, too. Just keep saying hi to people and guaranteed you'll catch someone's interest in befriending you. I know it took me a while to open up too, so I understand your concerns. :)
If I have any tips, I'd say be assertive and work hard, and enjoy freshman year! It's fun, I promise.
You'll be fine. Have fun!

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