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Good Debate Topics High School Students

Stacy Said:

what are some good things about randomly drug testing high school students?

We Answered:

1. Put the fear of God in them. Most students would cringe at the thought of their parents knowing that they had done drugs, not to mention the repurcutions of their actions, and how long they would, and should, be grounded. There went the rest of their high school social life. It may scare them out of doing, or even trying drugs. Especially if they never know when it is coming, they would never know when they could be safe.

2. It could help keep drugs out of schools. If they are doing random drug tests, then it would be harder to distrubute on school grounds. Why buy it if you are scared of getting caught. Also, it could help weed out dealers. They could offer a less severe punishment in return for where they were able to buy the drugs.

3. It could help boost morale in the school system. By random drug testing, you could be giving them opportunity to learn how making decisions have great consequences on their lives, and how good it can feel to make a right decision, all be it the harder road to take.

Good luck.

Carlos Said:

I need help choosing my Research Paper topic?

We Answered:

out of those four i would choose the death penalty one because thats like an issue that government people really talk about, all the others, i would say, kind of just crossed people's minds and aren't really fabulous topics

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