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Good Paying Jobs For High School Students

Franklin Said:

Some Good High Paying Jobs?

We Answered:

im not so sure on da degree but u could be scientist who studys chemistry.

Teresa Said:

I am wondering what are some high paying jobs that don't require additional schooling after High School.?

We Answered:

Its not easy to get a good job right out of high school. There may have been some classes you have taken that could help you get a job, but don't expect miracles. Many things like construction can eventually lead to decent jobs with motivation and experience, but you would start off at the bottom and not make that much. Most of these things will involve physical labor. For training requirments and salary information ona wide variety of jobs, search here at the US Department of Labor's Occuaptional Outlook Handbook:

There are things you can do after taking short programs that can lead to certification, but you will need some training. CNA (certified nurses aide/assistant) programs are great and you make pretty good money for the amount of training. I make 18 dollars an hour working per diem (meaning I don't get benefits) in an expesive part of an expensive state. This is not normal. My friends make $9-11 dollars in a less expensive part of our still expensive state. It is not that much, but it is better than minimum wage. It is not for everyone. The job involved helpin with activites of daily living such as dressing, eating, washing and toileting. It can be gross but it is can also be very rewarding. Most work in hospitals and nursing homes. The certification is technically for long term care, but hospitals will often prefer that you have the training. Some hospitals will hire people off the street and train them for their facility. Most states only require a 75 hour training course. The course can cost a couple thousand dollars, but it is a good investment. Many nursing homes offer free or nearly free training and will often hire you after completing the program. Even if you can't find a free program , its a good investment. Many facilities will help pay to end you to nursing school.

Here is a link to The Occupational Outlook Handbook's page on nurses aides:

***Addition in respinse to post above about real estate:

Here an excerpt from the Occupational Outlook Handbook's page on real estate brokers and sales agents ( ):

"Education and training. Agents and brokers must be high school graduates. In fact, as real estate transactions have become more legally complex, many firms have turned to college graduates to fill positions. A large number of agents and brokers have some college training. College courses in real estate, finance, business administration, statistics, economics, law, and English are helpful. For those who intend to start their own company, business courses such as marketing and accounting are as important as courses in real estate or finance.

More than 1,000 universities, colleges, and community colleges offer courses in real estate. Most offer an associate or bachelor’s degree in real estate; some offer graduate degrees. Many local real estate associations that are members of the National Association of Realtors sponsor courses covering the fundamentals and legal aspects of the field. Advanced courses in mortgage financing, property development and management, and other subjects also are available.

Many firms offer formal training programs for both beginners and experienced agents. Larger firms usually offer more extensive programs than smaller firms do.

Licensure. In every State and the District of Columbia, real estate brokers and sales agents must be licensed. Prospective brokers and agents must pass a written examination. The examination—more comprehensive for brokers than for agents—includes questions on basic real estate transactions and laws affecting the sale of property. Most States require candidates for the general sales license to complete between 30 and 90 hours of classroom instruction. To get a broker’s license an individual needs between 60 and 90 hours of formal training and a specific amount of experience selling real estate, usually 1 to 3 years. Some States waive the experience requirements for the broker’s license for applicants who have a bachelor’s degree in real estate."

Judith Said:

what are the pros of having a high school students work paid jobs during the school year?

We Answered:

itll look good on a college application

itll teach them part of the harsh ways of living life in reality as a working adult.

Angel Said:

Tell me some good summer jobs and after school jobs (part time)for a freshmen in highschool. That has good pay

We Answered:

Unfortunately there are very few jobs that pay well for someone your age. As a freshman, I assume you are 15 years old which is too young for most jobs. The only way you will find anything above minimum wage is if you know someone or have a connection that can get you a better job. Once you've embraced that you probably won't be making a whole lot, I recommend that you look for jobs that are fun. What are you interested in? Jobs at baseball stadiums are great for sports fans. Maybe a camp counselor would be fun for you? There are several summer camps for special kids. Look into some of these. Movie theaters may also hire you and will give you discounts on movies. Have fun and good luck.

Bob Said:

High paying job in medical field without going to medical school?

We Answered:

Respiratory Therapist, Radiologic Tech (X-ray tech), Diagnostic Sonographer (ultrasound tech), Nuclear Med Tech/MRI all start off OVER $20 an hour and end up closer to $30-35 an hour after a few years. A couple of those careers need only an Associate Degree, but you can also earn a Bachelors in that area as well.

You could also look into being a Pharmacist or a Physician Assistant (NOT the same as a Medical Assistant)...both of these careers start off well over $50,000 a year and make upwards of 60,000+ after a couple of years.

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