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Government Jobs For High School Students

Jamie Said:

University careers that exclude math or science!!!! HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT NEED HELP?

We Answered:

You mean university majors. Ones that don't require math or science include:

- Sociology
- Anthropology
- English
- French
- Spanish
- Government
- Womens Studies
- American Studies
- History
- Religious Studies

Charlie Said:

can you answers this questions for my term paper? For high school students...?

We Answered:

Dear Pam,

I cannot answer what should be staring you right in the face. And it is "...answer these questions..."
9. Can you give some solution to these problems?
If you want school to be more interesting then take some interest in it. Your US History teacher will not know the answer to my riddle in my profile here on YA. Ask her/him in private or by email; do not embarrass your teacher. The riddle answer is:
1) LA
2) AL-KY and ME-WY (any of the other 49 states)

If you are in middle school or high school, know this: you have more power now to change our presidential elections than your teachers and your parents because you are registered in school to vote in class elections. Your parents and teachers can only vote in local, state and federal elections. They have to contribute to the campaigns for legislators before they can get changes enacted.

You can adopt a better voting system and we will get it for our elections. When you have a moment this weekend, check out instant runoff voting (IRV).

Good luck with your term paper. Do you need data on these questions or does the teacher want your answers?

Post the question again, but spell it right:

"Can you answer these questions for my term paper? For high school students...?"

William Said:

AP high-school students? Please help!?

We Answered:

If you think you are ready, go for it!
Just be prepared to have late night studying and not very much sleep.

Lester Said:

How to get a part time/summer government job?

We Answered:

Call your Town Hall or County Office and see if they are hiring summer help

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