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Government Jobs High School Students

Deanna Said:

Did Bush pass a law that if high school students who don't pass their state test could just sign a certificate

We Answered:

The President does not "pass" laws. That's the job of the congress. And neither one gets involved with things this far removed from national policy.

Javier Said:

List activities in which you participated in high school, such as student government etc.?

We Answered:

Employment is a job you had during your school years. If you worked at McDonald's during high school, you list that as employment.

If you were a teacher's aid, you would probably list that in extra-curriculars.

Tracy Said:

What are ways to piss off my high school student government?

We Answered:

First of all, you're ****ing awesome.
Second, all you need to do is completely ruin all of those stupid things they're so proud of doing.
To ruin their stupid dances try spiking the punch in dances when no one is looking, buy some of their fundraiser stuff,(not much) and say it make you puke or was a piece of crap. For spirit weeks, have a bunch of your friends go with you and wear all black and raccoon make-up and spike your hair. I don't have anything for assemblies... But the other stuff I said works like a charm.

Also, go to your principle's house and leave a bag of flaming dog $#!t at their door. See if they don't come to school the next day in a really bad mood.

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