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Grade School Activities

Pedro Said:

What are some good activities to do with grade school children to raise awareness about tobacco?

We Answered:

1 - at 1 station they could use their knowledge to make a 15 second radio commercial, and you could have a tape recorder their so they could come out of your workshop with a good reminder on why not to use tobacco.

2 - I am sure you can get pictures of what lungs that use tobacco look like, that could be a station.

3 - have a station where they test how good their oxygen is so they can see why they wouldn't want to harm that.

Ruben Said:

Should colleges and universities base admissions more on SAT and ACT scores or high school grades & activities?

We Answered:

The function of SAT/ACT is to assess the likelihood that a university applicant will be successful in his studies.

If the high school that the student attended has a reputation for easy A's, or the student has taken only easy high school courses, then the admissions in that case should generally be based more on the tests.

If the high school has a tough grading policy or the student has taken many AP courses, then the grades should generally be more determinative in evaluating whether the applicant will be successful in tertiary studies.

Shane Said:

Best hikes and activities for grade-school kids in/near Rocky Mountain National Park?

We Answered:

I lived in Denver for a year or so and loved every chance I got to go out to RMNP.

I was doing a bit of mileage most days and the good stuff usually is a ways down the trail, but there is some things even little guys should be able to handle.

On a weekday look at getting up early (to get a spot at the trail head) and going to Chasm lake. Without breaking out my topo I belive that was from the Longs Peak trail head. The number I remember is 4 miles but I can't remember if that was 1 way or round trip. It would take all day with children but if you take it nice and easy and really give yourself all day then it shouldn't be a problem. Even if you average 0.5 miles an hour you could make it back before supper. And the views are great even going up, so if you didn't make it all the way no loss. But of course the real treat is if you make it to the lake you are standing in this bowl with the crystal clear lake and Longs peak shooting straight up for something like 2000 feet of sheer cliff face. It is a very cool place.

Other then that some of the best most accesable hikes would be from the Bear Lake trailhead. There is a massive parking lot there but it still fills by afternoon many days. But a lot of those people arn't going very far so if you wait usually you can get a spot. I can't remember the name of the trail but I took several people that came to see me up to the Loch. (also called Loch Vale) Again I don't remember the distance but the children should be able to make it if you take a reasonable pace. The nice part about it is there are 2 trails that branch off from the lake if you want some more. One goes to Sky Pond and the other to a glacier. Also from that parking lot you can get started up the ridge trail. I was supprised by how cool that trail was. You don't really finnish it so it would be good for children because when you need to turn around you just go, but you have had some nice views no matter how far you go. It basically follows a ridgline way up and over crossing from side to side on the ridge so you get a lot of views of the rest of the park. There is also Glacier Gorge you can get to. It has it's own parking before you get to the Bear Lake trail head but you can't count on getting a spot it is a very small lot. I also did a loup from the trailhead and stopped at several lakes I forget what all they were.

Remember to bring stuff for the wind. Make sure to have a knit cap for everyone and maybe some light gloves. Even in summer if you top a ridge or get in the right place in a valley you can be in some cold fast moving wind. Rain gear and wind gear for everyone is recomended.

Remember you only need to plan about 1/3rd the time it took you to go in to get yourself out. So you can push it a bit more then some places before turning around.

I can't really speek to the food... If I wasn't stopping at the A&W at the last gas station it was usually a cliff bar or something.

Lynn Said:

I am looking for activities for young school groups 3rd-6th grade. Any suggestions?

We Answered:

There are different kinds of scavenger hunts. You might have a sort of checklist scavenger hunt, where you list a lot of items from your displays - big & small, major & minor - and see how many they can find. They should have to write down what display it's in, or what room it's in.

The previous advice about acknowledgment is good. Kids love to be recognized and win prizes.

Also, boys at that age (and many girls, too) love things that move fast or explode. If you have anything in your collection along those lines, you might do some kind of showcase.

Girls might like to see fashions or hairstyles of the past, especially fancy ones, if you have any.

I suggest you ask the teachers in the local elementary schools for ideas. They might think of something that will work well with their curriculum.

Peggy Said:

First day of school activities for 7th&8th grade science?

We Answered:

Hmm... this is one activity that our geography teacher did in high school... you could probably put a science spin on it. Pretty much the kids have a list of requirements in front of them, and they have to find other people who fill the requirements on it. This makes them go around and talk to different people... it's like an exchange of info, they get someone else who fills their sheet and they give out one that they fill as well. At the end of the time period given, you see who's gotten the most names. Oh, but the catch is, each person can only fill one requirement on someones sheet.
For us, there were things like 'find someone who's travelled to another continent' or 'find someone who's been in an ocean'. Just change the requirements to science type things (lol, can't think of any for you tho, nothing's coming to mind. Clearly, science was not my strong point!)
Good luck keeping the kids occupied!

Steven Said:

I am a PE teacher for a preschool through 8th grade school. does anyone know any fun rainy day activities?

We Answered:

NO to Dodgeball. It is abusive and pointless. The number of adults and teens I talk to who say that it totally screwed them up and made them fear balls, other students, PE, etc... don't do it. Ever.

Silent ball can be good, especially if you can figure out something for the kids to do when they drop a ball rather than just sitting down and then not participating.

What's The Time Mr Wolf. You can modify it for older kids too.

Johnny Rhinoceros. Google it.

Dog and The Bone (Typed out from my PE lesson plan book:

Place a ball or flag in the centre of two teams in a horizontal line facing each other. Assign everybody a number, so that there are 1-14 on one team, and 1-14 in the other. tehn call out a number. The two players on opposing teams with the number run out to the center. The first one to grab the flag runs back to his side chased by the other. If the child gets the child with the flag, then you call out the next number. If they don't, then the team that got the flag gets a point.

You could create teams instead of calling two students (for example "Threes!!")

Prisoner Tag.

"Ball Safe".

Frozen Tag

Everybody's It Tag

Red Rover

Rob The Nest


Muscle relaxation (basically, relaxation meditation).

Line dancing

teach them swing dancing or ballroom

Do Aerobics

Discuss It!

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