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Group Activities For High School Students

Victoria Said:

whats a good activity for a high school Christian club?

We Answered:

Instead of preaching to the choir, as it were...why not generate some good discussion by getting an atheist to come talk to your group?
Or an evolutionary biologist?

I've never understood how believers can constantly keep telling each other the same things over and over and over and not get bored.

Tony Said:

What are some ideas for activities for a high school philosophy club?

We Answered:

the first thing to do is to establish some ground rules for debate and respect. For instance: no putter-downers like 'that's dumb', everyone will be given a chance to speak before general discussion is opened up, etc. A modified form of Robert's Rules of Order could be used. At the same time, make sure it is easy for everyone to express their perspective, even if it differs from others.

philosophy is a large category. Physics originally was called philosophy on the physical world. It is tending back to this root with things such as time dilation and string theory. So you might want to establish sections or categories of focus that you will switch between every week, month, or whatever works for you.

There are hundreds of online sources for philosophy. Some you might want to look into are:,, (free online books) and others.
you can set up a free forum on to discuss philosophy.

Always have questions ready as starters or as topics of main discussion, like What is the role of government in society? The role of Religion? Purpose in life? What causes people to act in certain ways?
I might start with some of Plato's work, like Phaedo, the Apology, and the Allegory of the Cave. You should also look at the constitution and the declaration of Independence, which used the works of the Christian Bible, Locke, Blackstone, Montesquieu, Hobbes, and others.
Bring up controversial topics. You are trying to unravel how people think and what the mystery of life is about. Read Marx even if you hate his guts. Ready Ayn Rand even if you don't agree with her.

Sometimes its difficult to keep momentum and excitement going with hard texts. Remember that the more challenging you get, the deeper and better discussions you can have. At the same time keep in mind everyone will enjoy it better if they are doing what they like. You could pick a popular movie and analyze the characters motives, their goals, and their view of society (Dark Knight, Kung Fu Panda). Find a recent government speech or action and see if you can find where they are coming from (Ron Paul's "What If" speech on the house floor)

when you feel ready, do a simulation. Make a mock congress and debate a decision the country might take soon. Find a debate topic and assign roles to people.

Keep it fun and keep everyone else's feelings in mind. It isn't bad to disagree with someone, but you don't want to start ripping into each other. That's not philosophy. That is fallacy ad Hominem.

Mabel Said:

I wil be giving a lecture on suicide and suicide prevention to a group of High School sudents.?

We Answered:

I would like to suggest watching this video. Turn your sound up, consider buying this lesson plan and consider doing a project with the students like this video. It has totally made a difference with my students and my fellow teachers.

If you have a proxima and a computer, you can show this to the students. Its very moving and opens a lot of discussion.

Who you are makes a difference!!!

Martha Said:

Anti-bullying activities (high school)......?

We Answered:

My sister did something like this in her theater class in college. They did plays on bullying, drugs, suicide, peer pressure... at the area high schools. I think they wrote their own plays. It seemed to go over well if you can get enough kids to do it.

One school my girls attended had a mentoring program where older students helped a group of younger ones find their way around and get aclimated and then was avaiable to talk to for the rest of the semester.

Yolanda Said:

Need a group game for a large amount of high school students!?

We Answered:

mafia --

Discuss It!

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Read Marx even if you hate his guts. Ready Ayn Rand even if you don't agree with her.

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