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High School Announcements

Andre Said:

what should i write in my high school graduation announcements?

We Answered:

Thank the people that gave you the inspiration to carry on. Thank your favorite teachers, your friends that helped you along the way and most of all the moral support of your parents. Graduations are milestones and there are people that you may want to thank. Sometimes more often than not we reflect about the good things and we think of the people we love those that helped us and those that mean so much to us and we forget to thank them and tell them how much we love them. Congratulations on your graduation day

Tammy Said:

What is a catchy phrase that i can use for the end of my high school announcements?

We Answered:

Baba Booey

Yvonne Said:

Ideas for daily announcements in high school?

We Answered:

Just do your regular announcements, then add something in really random, like "someone has left their trampoline in Mrs./Mr.'s whatever classroom, please pick it up before the kids jump on it."

"Students, please remember to stop stuffing marshmellows in textbooks - while it is funny, please stop doing it."

"Students, please stop pulling the fire alarm. (Yell this next part:) ONE DAY THERE WILL BE A REAL FIRE AND THE FIRE DEPARTMENT WON'T COME!"

"Sorry to break it to everyone, but we actually have a day off today! Please exit the school as fast as you can."

These are more prank like things to say, but funny imo....

Priscilla Said:

What's a good song for a track commercial (high school morning announcements)?

We Answered:

haha. i'm in track!! [:

our morning new show, as it is called in our high school, consists of mostly the same songs for track and field. [[whenever it's on, cuz it's not that popular here ]]

"headstrong" - trapt
"in the end" - linkin park
"here comes the boom" - nelly
[[ and there's probably more, but ican't think of them right now ]]

hope that helps!! [:

Roy Said:

what are some ways to make the morning announcements in high school cooler?

We Answered:

GET NAKED ! wouldn't that be cool. oh just kidding. Maybe try rapping it or have a different student do it every day or once a week.

Jon Said:

What picture do you usually put in high school graduation announcements?

We Answered:

You can put in any image you want, but traditionally graduation announcements would have one of your posed senior pictures in it.

Crystal Said:

Is it ok for the mom to address high school graduation announcements in her handwriting?

We Answered:

I see no problem with the mom doing the grad announcements.

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