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High School Basketball

Vanessa Said:

How do I become a high school basketball pro in 3 weeks?

We Answered:

though i think its highly improbable that you could possibly make a varsity team when you're clearly a novice, there are two things that you can focus on that might give you a chance.

one is defense. have another guy play with you, with you practicing defense. learn the difference between good defense and fouling, which very few know. and since not a lot of players focus on defense, this will give you a one up on them.

the other is shooting. again, another lost art in basketball. forget about proper form. shoot 100 free throws and 100 3 point shots every single day, and i guarantee in 3 weeks you will be extremely accurate in shooting the ball.

Jamie Said:

What position should I play in high school basketball?

We Answered:

small forward if you can shoot the twa and can get to the hoop

power forward and center are similar, both require inside game (dirk is only power forward because he is 7'0, rashard is only cause he is second tallest, or at least, plays second most like a big man). if you are tall, and can shoot, and can get to the hoop, it sounds like there will often be a mismatch, and your rebounding can do you nothing but good in basketball

best answer, please! 5 *? 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*? 5*?

Lloyd Said:

What should I do to prepare for high school basketball?

We Answered:

speed and ball handling. those are the two most important aspects, you simply can't beat a team that's faster than you, or a team you can't get the ball from. just run as often as you can, work on your stamina, make carrying the ball through traffic second nature to you.

Beverly Said:

What to expect when trying out for the high school basketball team?

We Answered:

running..have ur handles down and layups and shooting and stamina

Mario Said:

What is high school basketball and football like in the USA?

We Answered:

It depends where you go. I went to a large public high school and got to know my way around some of the other large public high schools, so I can tell you what that's like.

There's a lot of sports that go on, but the school as a whole tends to throw most of its support to one or two of the sports in particular. I went to a football school. Every home game, Friday night was where every pretty much everyone would go. The stands would be full of people mostly watching the game and there would be just as many people walking around, socializing, and maybe watching the game. Plenty of people just went and hung out. And that was just the students- a lot of people from the community would go to some of the games even if they'd gone to school there 10 or 20 years ago.

The same was true for basketball, but to a lesser extent. But that was just my school. There's plenty of other schools where the basketball team gets more attention than the football team. A lot of it has to do with the feeder programs and the extent to which kids are challenged in the sport through elementary and middle school. In my area, the feeder program for the high school football team would use a good deal of the high school playbook with players from middle school on. They were coached at a high level of competitiveness and pressure from an early age. The same wasn't quite true of the basketball feeder programs, though there is a little bit of that.

In general, the bigger public schools do tend to emphasize football and basketball in this way. Even for some smaller private schools, they take advantage of the opportunity to recruit from a population that extends well beyond their immediate area but still compete against schools that have small student populations like them. On the other hand, there's also some private schools that use that kind of recruiting power to excel in other sports. You don't hear quite as much about them, though, because the schools just aren't that big. Not as many people are directly involved.

I guess that's kind of what it's like. If you look at local newspapers, the basketball and football news from local high schools gets the most attention. Granted, there's some areas (Iowa and Nebraska come to mind) where it's all about wrestling and theirs are the names that are known and recognized in the community. But for the kind of area I grew up in and that I'm most familiar with, it did happen to be largely football and basketball. I was personally involved in water sports (swimming and water polo) and even though quite a few of my teammates went on to swim at Division I programs, a few made OT's, and one got a silver medal on a relay, the most recognizable names in high school sports were always the basketball and football players.

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