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High School California

Everett Said:

Can high school clubs in California donate money to charities?

We Answered:

If you lead a service club, I don't see why not. (It would be different if you had a regular club and spent the school's money on charities.) But since you already do fundraisers for different causes, why not?

Your adviser should be able to guide you. If they don't know, ask which principal they report to. Usually 1 of the principals is supposed to handle all school fundraisers.

Maurice Said:

Is fairfax high school in california a good school to play sports in?

We Answered:

Try asking a student for advice.

Vera Said:

How many credits do you need to graduate a public high school in california?

We Answered:

See… for a complete chart - its more than just a count of how many credits you need.

Good Luck!!!

Brent Said:

How many days are required for a student to be in high school in California a year?

We Answered:

180 days are required
To get how many minutes required, multiply to find out.

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