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High School Contest

Wade Said:

Why is dating so much like a high school popularity contest?

We Answered:

It's only a game to the ones that are immature. If you look hard enough, you will find a decent, mature woman.

Jamie Said:

do any one know any high school contest or summer sontest?

We Answered:

You need to elaberate more So people will know what you are talking about!

Isaac Said:

What should I sing at High School contest?

We Answered:

Love Story - Taylor Swift
That song has like the most hits!

Lewis Said:

which high school math contest do you participate more that you is consider fun and interesting?

We Answered:

IMO and Putnam are different. IMO requires students to write proofs, but the proofs are all based on elemental math theorems. (It means calculus is never required for any IMO problem). But IMO is really hard because you have to think a lot (and outside of the box) and you probably won't get anything even if you work so hard. Putnam is a very hard contest too. But it is only for college students while IMO is for high school students. A lot of problems on the Putnam require the knowledge of calculus. The first few questions are usually very simple and straightforward. But after that, you need a lot of knowledge from some college level math classes.

Dwayne Said:

Who won the Battle of the High School Contest!?

We Answered:

ridley high school

Lucille Said:

I'm joining a high school talent contest and need a song to sing--know any?

We Answered:

gimme more--brittany spears!

April Said:

Vocal literature for High school Contest/Scholarships?

We Answered:

Purcell's "music for a while" is a nice choice. "Oh had I jubal lyre" would also be good that is pretty fast. It is by Handel. I have performed both with great success they are nice to have in your repertoire.
good luck!

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