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High School English Literature

Leon Said:

Why is it compulsory to study english literature in high school?

We Answered:

You make a good point. Personally, English is my favorite class and I love everything about it, so I really had no problem taking it for four years. I really don't know why it's mandatory.

Edward Said:

where do high school english literature papers go that win those english literacy contests in louisiana?

We Answered:

i don't know

Roberta Said:

What are the perks of being a high school English teacher versus a college literature professor?

We Answered:

This is just an opinion, but I think besides the fact that college professors make more money, I would rather teach somebody who is career minded and seeking an education. In high school, too many of the students are hostile and do not want to be there. It would be frustrating to have to deal with discipline problems while trying to teach somebody.

Eileen Said:

How should the movie Inherit the Wind be used in High School English and LIterature classes?

We Answered:

no, i used the play to discuss the dramatic form, conflicts between characters and like that. no matter what it is based on, i teach it for its form, not as a propaganda tool for its message.

Nina Said:

so i want to be a high school english literature teacher.....?

We Answered:

Don't listen to Kidlet. The way you write online is in no way a necessary reflection of how you would write,educate, or critique as a professional teacher.

To your question,however, I would ask established professionals and career advisers.

The more information you get-- for ex: from professional teachers, career advisers, on top of anything you will ever get with yahoo! answerers--the better decision you will make on what courses to take in order to take the right classes for your intentions.

The advice of professional teachers and career advisers will be more practical to your specific situation: your grades, where you want to teach, and so forth because you can have this discussion with them live. On Yahoo!, you ask the question and get a bunch of responses, you don't necessarily have a discussion of creating a specific plan for your specific intentions.

Listen to noone (even take my considerations with a grain of salt), or anyone else, but yourself and the advice of successful professional teachers.

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