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High School Exchange Student

Ana Said:

does a high school exchange student come before or after the school year starts?

We Answered:

Most programs try to get the students to the hosting country a couple of weeks before school starts so that they can get 'settled in' with the family before having to jump into the ocean that going to school can be. There are times when a family chooses to be a 'welcome' family for a few weeks and then the student moves on to a new home. Also, Rotary exchange students will change families (it's designed to be this way) so that they will have 2 to 3 families during the year. Not all schools will accept a student after school starts.
Sometimes, too, a student will need to change host families because it's not working out with their current host family.
Hope this helps!

Lee Said:

Is it good idea to become high school exchange student in Mississippi, USA?

We Answered:

well its depends what part of mississippi. but I think thats not the best choice.

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