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High School Exchange Students

Paul Said:

People who have been high school foreign exchange students in japan.?

We Answered:

I am in the process of registering for foreign exchange in Japan for my junior year. I know you didn't ask for my answer, but who knows it could help. I have been to Japan so I know a bit about the culture.

Price all depends on what program you go through. I am going through AFS and a semester is about 10,000 dollars (a little more if you bring spending money for yourself) and it is around 11,000 dollars for a year (plus any spending money you bring). This includes plane flight, school, and for the meals you eat at home with your host families. The food you eat out is expected to be bought by you. But don't let the huge numbers scare you, AFS has many scholarship opportunities and encourages your teachers and AFS staff members to help you arrange fund raisers.

As far as what you wear it all depends on the school.

From what I have heard it is rude to be really touchy-feely, not even a handshake. A simple bow will do just fine when meeting someone, or even greeting someone that you have met before. Also I have heard that Japanese people are very interested in foreigners "aka gaijin" and will want to get to know you and will treat you very nicely.

Basically all the people I have talked to loved their host families, and you will have no problem making friends as long as you are not shy talking to people, because Japanese people tend to be shy. I was having breakfast with my Japanese friends, and they were really shy at first, but once I started talking a lot they got more comfortable about talking with me.

I have only been studying Japanese for 3 months, but I have another year and a half before I leave, so I will be pretty good at the language. My friend barely knew any, but she had a month of really "intense" classes and tutoring that fit a lot of the language in into a short amount of time, and then she had a tutor her first couple months there to help her learn. But you would be surprised how easy it is to pick up on a language while living there (if you work hard that is) my friend came back practically fluent. So I would get started as soon as you can at learning, because the sooner you can interact comfortably in the language the sooner you will have a lot of fun. But by no means do you have to go there being fluent in the language.

So even though I have never done exchange in Japan, I have been there and have been studying the language and culture for a little bit, and I have a friend who told me all about her experience abroad. You will love it, and hopefully I will love it too when I go abroad! Are you going 10-11? That's when I'm going.

Francisco Said:

Books on Foreign exchange students for high school students?

We Answered:

It is unclear from your question what you are looking for - books about foreign exchange - contacts for making a foreign exchange - books for exchange students to read?

I was a foreign exchange student in high school - I have nothing but great memories. True, I was homesick at the time - but I never admitted to anyone - and I got over it - and that is the last thing I remember when I think about the experience. I still have contact with friends and exchange family from the time - and that was over 30 years ago.

Here is a good resource - it is a company that has been arranging foreign exchange programs for 90 years:

I found this book about being an exchange student on Amazon:…

Here is a book about being a host family:……

Here is a book about the AFS program I gave the link for above:…

Wanda Said:

Blog sties sharing stories about high school exchange students?

We Answered:

Check out "foreign exchange" on the internet and see if you can find some of the groups that do exchanges.

My daughter was involved and did an exchange in Chile with American Field Service (AFS) and they have a great program. There are others. We had a student from El Salvador but I can't recall what the agency was that helped bring her for a few months. You may be able to check with your HS guidance counselor about exchange programs.

You can get involved now if your family will sponsor a student in your home. Should be same sex as one of the kids in the family. It is a great expereince.

Good luck. Be sure to take a foreign language but might not get to go to that place. My daughter took 2 years of German and one of Spanish and wanted to go to Germany, but not enough homes. She went to Chile instead and was funny as sometimes her Spanish had a German accident and she still says, "No." just a bit differently - it ends abruptly like they say it in Spanish. In So Am and Mexico, the dialects are all a bit different. My daughter did better in her Castilian Spanish Class in Chile than her "sisters" because she studented Castilian Spanish (Spain) rather than the Chilean type spanish.

Good luck to you. Hope you get involved in one of the programs. They are always looking for families to host foreign students. Sometimes students here go back to their student's countries to visit too. But can go elsewhere as well.

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