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High School For International Student

Constance Said:

Any public high school in San Francisco accept international student or private school with low tuition?

We Answered:

Just so you know, be sure to check that the private day schools are currently accepting international students. Some are on lists that say they accept international students, and they used to, but they have stopped because too many kids were getting dropped off and living on their own and not properly supervised. While the school technically can take international students, they don't, unless maybe there are big donations involved. Boarding school is your best bet, but they tend not to give scholarships to international students and they want the full year's costs, about $40,000, up front.

SEVIS Approved Schools… (But not all schools actually accept international students.)

Assist Cultural Exchange Program, some scholarships

Private Schools:
Boarding Schools:

A day school in LA that accepts international students for $17,400 a year right now, and they live with host families. It's not the prettiest school, and it's not the most prestigious, but it's super low cost for a private school and they have good academics.………

Good luck!

Grace Said:

where can I find a cheap high school for international student in USA? thx?

We Answered:

The florida and the newyork are the best places for international students in USA and they can find some cheapest institues as well. But i will prefer Florida because some of the best Institutes of USA are there.

Lisa Said:

Can an international high school student with a study permit work part-time in the US?

We Answered:

If you come through an exchange organization, you are here on a J-1 visa. That prohibits working anywhere "officially" -- that means where you would have to provide a social security number. However, you are allowed 10 hours a week of "chore" type work -- babysitting, tutoring, mowing lawns, etc. The exchange year would be only one year, as already noted. However, I HAVE known an exchange student or two who managed to reapply and come back for a second year -- usually with a different organization.

You would have a big problem remaining here a second year without an exchange organization. The first problem would be your J-1 visa -- you would not be eligible. You would have to return home and apply for an F-1 visa. The next step would be finding a high school that will ACCEPT an F-1 visa. There is a lot of paperwork involved and most won't mess with it. You would also have an age issue to deal with. If you are not 18 or an emancipated minor, you cannot live on your own. If you DO manage to get here on an F-1 visa, the only employment allowed is part-time work-study on campus, which doesn't exist for high school.

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