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High School Help

Bill Said:


We Answered:

Ask your junior high teacher. I asked her and she said that I should call the office of the school that I am going to attend and that they should be able to answer everything, including the variance. The rules of variances are different in every district. Also ask you teacher about advanced classes sheets that she will need to fill out for you. When you call the office ask them about how to get into advanced classes as a freshman. Also, if you are (like me) completely confused about everything that involves highschool, if you call the office you can ask to make an appointment with a councelor from the school before you enroll and the councelor will be able to talk to you about what it would be like if you attended that school. Also, before you worry about variance forms, you should make sure that you are not too late to enroll. Some schools enroll early fill quickly so def. make sure you arent too late.

Harvey Said:

HIGH SCHOOL??????????????????????

We Answered:

Freshman year first day tips by me:

For one, it's very normal to be nervous. I can promise you that you won't be the only one. From experience, when months pass by and it's the last week of school, you'll want to know why you were scared to begin with. It's only new adjustments that's all.

Choose them wisely, don't go for honors or AP if you know you can't handle it. Go for an elective that you enjoy.

You will meet new friends and by doing that you have to: Be yourself, Come out of your shell, and Get involved (meaning that you should join clubs or sports so that you could meet new people from all grade levels). On the first day, you can always say hi to the person sitting next to you and start up a quick conversation before the teacher begins. Once the teacher begins the class goes on quiet mode.

To get some sleep; Just try and shut down your brain. Don't worry about how the next day will turn out. . . trust me it will get there. Just listen to yourself breathing and in no time you'll be asleep.
Or think about the downsides like homework, projects, essays and teachers who don't know when to stop talking.

FIRST DAY warnings:
You'll run into a lot of quiet, loud, mature, immature, nice and mean people. If anyone verbally attacks you as a freshman, just S H A K E it off. Remember that they are nobody or lets just say NOTHING.

Lunch can be very overcrowded, but all you need to do it find a friend; whether it's someone you just met or someone from last year, then ask if you can join them.
If your aware that a close friend or an acquaintance might have your lunch then plan ahead and ask if you can sit with them on the first day.
-There is also a large variety of foods to choose from.

Folder - for all the syllabuses, rules, guidelines, & supply lists that your teacher passes out
Pencil - Just in case your asked to do a small activity that involves writing
Paper - Again for the small activity
Locker items - If your locker was already given out to you then it's best to bring your lock & throughout the week you can bring your locker items.

--And any girl/boy accessories that you may need. (ipod, phones, makeup, brushes, etc.)

Focus on your grades, try to balance everything out academically and socially.
Be yourself.
Don't give in to peer pressure.
Stay out of drama and hang with the right crowd.
Do NOT procrastinate.
Study for those exams and tests
Show school spirit!

Gregory Said:

High School?

We Answered:

Find the right group of friends who have similar interests and will help you reach your goals. Finding a strong support system may take a little trial and error, but I would really recommend getting involved in your school (i.e. performing arts, sports, clubs, leadership) to help you make friends who will keep you focused. Plus, if you are looking to go to college, your involvement in your school will make you a competitive applicant.

I can't really tell you any trends b/c trends vary on specific schools and locations.

In high school, I met some of the best people and became more confident in myself b/c overall, HS is a growing experience. Graduating H.S. may seem like a lifetime away when you are a freshman, but high school really does go by fast so enjoy these years and remember that high school is all of what you make of it! Best of luck!

Carla Said:

high school?

We Answered:

I teach seniors.... but I've taught every grade from 9 to 12.... and these are the biggies I think every girl should know...
First, some advice every freshman needs to hear....
1. DO NOT WRITE LETTERS!! DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING YOU WOULDN'T MIND SEEING PRINTED IN THE LOCAL NEWSPAPER THAT YOUR GRANDMOTHER READS AT HER CHURCH!!! Unfortunately your friends may not be as discreet with your private buisness as you'd like and teachers and other students can end up reading your deep, dark secrets.
2. Be friends with everyone. Don't try to have a clique like the movie Mean Girls or the Gossip Girls books. You may not like everyone, but be nice to everyone. It pays in the long run. Your best friend in 9th grade will most likely not be your best friend when you are a senior, so don't burn bridges.
3. Don't go boy crazy, even if you are the prettiest girl in your class. I know a lot of kids say they don't care about their reputations, but one day you will. You only get a few chances to make mistakes with your reputation. You don't want to be the girl every guy wants to "date," but that no one will take to prom.
4. Don't date just one guy all through high school. Spend time with your friends, too, not just with a boy. And don't let a boy choose your friends for you.... be your own person and like yourself. Don't think you are married in high school!!
5. Realize now that you will probably suffer a broken heart at least once, and begin telling yourself now you will get over it and he isn't the only boy in the world who could possibly ever make you happy.
6. Have fun, socalize, but remember you go to school to get an education. Start studying hard in 9th grade.....your grades count in high school and your class rank is determined beginning in grade 9. You want to be in the top ten percent if you can possibly do it. Most kids won't start caring about grades until junior year, so if you start in the 9th grade you will be ahead of most others!!
7. Don't be loud to try to get attention. Some girls talk loud and act silly to get attention - but that is not the kind of attention you want. People will laugh at you.....
8. Don't chase boys. Yes, it is 2006, but let boys pursue interest, but let him call you.....
9. GET INVOLVED!! Join clubs or try out for sports teams or drama or the school paper or yearbook, etc....... this is critical!! Disappointments you face will be easier to bear if you have interests and activities to keep you busy. You will meet people and you will enjoy school more if you are involved - you will feel ownership and pride .... I promise!!
Good Luck..... The next four years will be the best four years of your life if you have the right attitude and are a nice person.....:)

Chad Said:

will taking latin as a foreign language in high school really help in the medical field?

We Answered:

I am in the medical field (PA & husband a MD). I took latin in high school. Now, was it useful? No. Why? Because we learned to speak latin. You don't speak latin in medicine, LOL. You learn medical terms (which they did not teach in latin class) and you will learn those pretty fast anywa--i mean you will hear those over & over for the rest of you life & there is not that many anyway. Such as "subdermal"---sub meaning under, derm the root for skin. In latin class we learned things like Specto pulcra puella (which I think means see the pretty girl)--so not helpful. What is really helpful, is spanish. many jobs require you to speak spanish. they gave us a quickie medical spanish course in med school,but it is not enough. learn spanish.

Rick Said:

High school?

We Answered:

Quit thinking the grass will be greener on the other side of the fence. If you go to another school, you'll be the same old miserable self that you've always been . Life is what you make of it. Make the best of Doral Academy for now. Kids at enormous high schools most definitely are envying you for being fortunate enough to attend a school with smaller class sizes.

Elaine Said:

Why would a student be expelled from high school?

We Answered:

The following reasons may get you expelled from school but are not limited to any one school:

Repeat offences
Possession of a controlled substance such as drugs, narcotics, etc
Possession of a weapon such as a knife, gun, etc
Disrespectful behavior toward teachers and school personnel
Any action that puts another student, teacher, or school personnel at harm or at risk.
Disregard for school and in class rules
Truancy either continued lateness or continued absenteeism

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