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High School Home

Matthew Said:

What do you think about high school-home school?

We Answered:

It will depend a lot on the schools in your area. If you have top-quality schools with programs that you'd really like to get into, and you're comfortable with the idea of going back to school, it might be worth a shot. If it's either a toss-up either way, or the schools near you are lower than what you could do at home, I would definitely stay at home.

There are so many self-driven curricula out there for all levels of science, math, lit, history, worldview, foreign languages, etc. that you really shouldn't have a problem with that. There are several curricula that are well-supplemented by DVD lessons, CDRoms, and online resources that you should be able to find whatever you need.

As a homeschooler, you can also have access to a number of co op classes taught by degreed teachers, so you can take the classes you need personal instruction with in co op, and work on the rest at your own pace. You may also be eligible for concurrent enrollment at a community college near you to take upper-level classes and get college credit at the same time.

My advice to you - whatever you do, base it on the academics. A lot of people will tell you to go for the socialization factor, but that's not a good reason for choosing your educational track. I have a feeling you don't live in a cave :-) so you can have a social life either way. Choose it based on what you really want to do, what you feel is best for you, rather than on your social life.

Good luck!

Beverly Said:

Should males be able to take high school home economics if they want to?

We Answered:

There is no legal protection for who may get into a class in a private school. Theoretically, they could exclude someone on the basis of race or religion, which would be completely illegal for a public school or hiring for a job.

What you need to do is rally parents to your cause, if they believe their sons should be allowed into Home Ec. You need to find out what the parents are thinking. Although it seems unlikely, maybe some of them wouldn't want guys mixing in with their daughters in the class.

Males were allowed into Home Ec even when I went to public school, 35 years ago. And females were allowed into shop.

Charlie Said:

What is the best high school home school program if I live out of the country?

We Answered:

Are you a USA expatriate? If so, then you can follow USA education laws for your "home". If you are a Mexican citizen, then you need to find out the laws on HS'ing in Mexico, which may not include credit for doing an American home school program.

I work for missionaries in Asia and their high schooler has used Northstar Academy for three years. They work with many international students:
(the site won't come up for me - perhaps they're having server issues)

Cody Said:

Are there alternatives to high school, besides home schooling?

We Answered:

Try reading "The Teenage Liberation Handbook." Your local library will likely have a copy. There are many options given in there, and most definitely without the slant of having Mommy read you a history textbook at the kitchen table. :-) This book was published the year I graduated. If I'd gotten my hands on it...say, 3 to 6 years earlier, it would have changed my life. Bad for me, but I guess good for my kids, who are just now entering their school years.

This book does a nice job of challenging you to really think about what education could and should look like according to you. You don't have to agree with it by any means, but it's thought-provoking, to say the least.

Jeanette Said:

How do I do high school home schooling in Missouri?? Is there such a thing?

We Answered:

What gov web site were you looking at? Here's the official Missouri department of education .gov website page with the information for homeschooling.

However, considering you are over the legal compulsory age for school, no the homeschooling laws do not apply to you.

Since you are 18, your best bet is to just enroll in a local community college. No you don't need a high school diploma. Y0you would enroll as a high school student under their dual credit program.

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