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High School In England

Brandon Said:

How many hours is high school in England?

We Answered:

6 and a half hours.
Starts at 9 AM, finishes 3:30PM.
Thats my school anyway.

Byron Said:

What's it like to go to high school in England?

We Answered:

Well. I really can't speak for mainstream secondary schools in London, but i can speak for private schools. Mine happens to be really small. but most of them are massive. The smaller they are, the more peaceful they get.

The difference between secondary school in London and the US is that we

1. don't wear our own clothes
2. don't have free periods
3. we don't have "middle school" and "high school" - its called "Secondary School" and goes from Year 7 to Year 11, then we have Sixth Form which is divided in two, Lower Sixth Form (Year 12) and Upper Sixth Form (Year 13)
4. We do three sets of standardised exams... the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Year 11. AS-Levels (Advanced Standard Levels) Year 12... and A2-Levels (Advanced Levels 2) Year 13
5. We are not legally allowed to leave school until age 18
6. We are not legally allowed to enter University until we have completed our A2 Exams.
7. State Schools are free. Private/Independent Schools aren't.
8. We learn British English in the classroom, and don't spell travelling with one 'L' (traveling)
9. We don't do A+ and A-... The grading system goes A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, U (Ungradeable)
10. You not being a British Citizen or a citizen of the European Union would have to pay full fees for University which would stand at something like £15,000-£45,000 per annum.
11. The "Social Sciences" are not compulsory in British Secondary Schools.
12. We have different examination boards. like AQA, Edexcel, City & Guilds, OCR.
13. You are obliged to do 9 Subjects at GCSE level and 4 at AS & A2 Level.
14. Principals are known here as "Headteacher"
15. Vice-Principal is known as "Deputy Headteacher" or "Deputy Head" for short.
16. They can't shout at you. Claim verbal abuse if they do. They'll get sacked.
17. When you go on school trips (which is a real pain in the ***) Teachers will forbid you to do certain things because of the UK's super-duper-megazord-paranoiazord Health & Safety laws. Not only on school trips but last winter we weren't allowed to play in the snow or make snowmen because of new Health & Safety regulations. So. Students have decided to fight back subtly and use these health and safety regulations to their advantage. If you're ordered to play PE for instance and you happen to be in your uniform, you can easily say, Miss... I can't play, its against health and safety. No need for a sick letter. And it works a charm.

If you do come over, it will be hard to adjust. I went to school in Boston, MA for 4 years. That was lovely :) so i'm pretty sure you'll love it here.

Also... If you go to public school, god help you. Its just a nightmare. Private school is the best.

All the way!

Shawn Said:

Where could I find a good description of secondary school/high school in England?

We Answered:…

Olga Said:

I an a US citizen and want to finish high school in England, do I need a student visa?

We Answered:

You could probably do it as an exchange student -- through a legitimate program.

Most of them have what's called "direct placement" where, if you have a qualified host family you already know, they will put you there.

Reputable ones tend to be Aspect, AFS, Rotary, YFU.

The advantage is that you would probably get credit for your year and be able to graduate from your American school.

Naomi Said:

How can I attend grade 12 high school in england when I live in Canada?

We Answered:

You haveto live in England. Figure THAT out first.

Violet Said:

How would I transfer from high school to a school in england?

We Answered:

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education and you get them in every subject with two years of study, coursework and a few exams in each core subject (maths, english, the sciences, religious studies, and so on) with four or five chosen ones for example textiles, music ect.
Boarding schools though may be willing to do some form of entrance exam. Or you could find an American run school in England.
People don't get held back in England, they either get in or don't, but I am not sure how it would work for you I don't think they would make you do two whole years.
I think you would go into sixth form or a college (in england that's 16-18) but I don't know how old you are...

Boarding schools are expensive though so your plan seems really impractical, why would you want to come here to england anyway?

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