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High School In New York

Megan Said:

george washington carver high school new york?

We Answered:

i am going to this school next year, its kinda far away from my house.but i like science i searched 4 it on this website:…

Darren Said:

I am taking Geometry in High School ( New York ), how much do i need to start pre cal ?

We Answered:

hey, I also went to school in NY (graduated High School 2 yrs ago).

For some reason i never took Geometry. I took Algebra, trigonometry (math B), pre calc, and than AP Calculus. If geometry is part of trigonometry than i guest i took geometry, but I'm not sure. lol.

The requirements, i think, is to pass Math A (algebra), than Math B (Trig) and then you could take pre calc senior or junior year.

Vicki Said:

High school in boston or new york?

We Answered:

Do you mean public high school?

If so: in NYC it's done by neighborhood. Some schools are better than others but most are not good. And it's not an exact science in terms of which school you go to. You can test in to magnet schools but it's difficult at that age.

In the Boston area it's a matter of zip code. Some towns have excellent schools, some have bad schools, some are in between.

Lewis Said:

What should I wear in high school in New York?

We Answered:

Dark skinny jeans, A cute grey cardigan with an orange knitted Cami. Brown boots would look adorable with it. Shop, You can find cute chic things on a budget. checkout my Polyvore account, Most of the items I used were expensive, But the outfit can give you Imagination and creativity for a more affordable outfit


Marc Said:

(SHSAT) How can i get into Manhattan Beach high school (new york)?

We Answered:

First, I don't know why you think 3 B's and the rest A's are bad grades...that has to work out to 3.1 - 3.6, depending on how many A's you have. That is respectable. Information below can help you understand transfer and admission requirements to get into the Manhattan Beach Unified School District.

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