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High School Learning Center

Ronnie Said:

will going to learning center affect my chances of getting into a university?

We Answered:

No. I have a learning disability, and I got into all the colleges I applied to.

Jaime Said:

Should i drop outa high school and go to a learning center?

We Answered:

What grade are you in?

You can do summer school if needed to boost those grades up. I think your drop out will show up in your transcripts. If you drop out completely you may lose an entire year. With summer school you can at least catch up. During the year you can pick up night school.

If you're willing to put in the work you can make university happen.

Your guidance counselor can help you find night classes and summer school courses that will fit into your schedule and find the right one for you.

You still have 2 months to boost your marks on the exam. Ask your teachers what you can do to try and boost your marks.

Jonathan Said:

Is sylvan learning center worth it for high school science courses during summer?

We Answered:

tutor is a waste of money. try paying attention in class and maybe you'll learn something and save some money.

Ramon Said:

Fairbanks, AK school "learning center"?

We Answered:

I saw this list of programs, but am not really sure exactly what each is. In general it looks like you have been in alternative schooling, more carer orientated, and possibly self study or distance.
Fairbanks has good regular schools, but there are also some great alternative. You can look at the programs at Star of the North:

And Hutchison High has career cluster for more vocational students:

There are also a lot of options for homeschooling using distance education technology: all are available to students in Fairbanks.
The Fairbanks School district has a program: BEST…

Galena City school district has one as well: IDEA

and Yukon-Koyukuk School District has: Raven

And there is the residential Job Corp in Palmer you could attend

Sorry the web page you shared had a list of programs so I was not sure what you were wanting exactly. But I think you can see there are lots of options in the Fairbanks Area. Maybe not all together in one center but you should be able to find something for your education.

Roy Said:

Sylvan learning center for high school? 10 points!?

We Answered:

sylvan is only for tutoring and it can't replace highschool.

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