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High School Learning

Clayton Said:

Can i do teacher aid for my high school service learning hours?

We Answered:


Marcia Said:

What do your remember learning in high school?

We Answered:

I attended public school for 13 years from the age of 4 to 17. In fact, I'd never even heard of homeschooling until four years after I graduated from high school.

I can honestly say I have learned more since I left school, on my own.

History, math, science, geography, philosophy, world religions, sociology, politics.. these are all things that I have discovered an interest in *since* high school. My thirst for these topics was not awakened before then because either the class was not available in school, or the material was taught with such a lack of enthusiasm, I assumed the subject was as dull as the teacher.

About two weeks ago, an anti-homeschool person here asked if the average homeshool student knew how to do a particular problem in trigonometry, because it was that kind of knowledge that was a requirement in public high school....

Well, I am sure there are homeschooled kids who *can* do trigonometry. But guess what? I somehow managed to graduate from a public high school, attend a college, and function as a part of society without *ever* stepping foot in a trig class. In fact, I never even passed algebra! lol

Of course, my son is learning algebra now, and I am learning it right along with him, with the help of my math-wiz husband. It's amazing how easy this stuff is the second time around.. especially with the help of a *good* teacher!

I realize I did not answer your question yet :p What did I learn? I learned that if you cut 1/2 of your classes senior year, when you pick up your final grades for one of those classes you rarely attended, you might get a B in that class. And when, in astonishment, you ask the teacher (whose name you don't even remember) why he gave you a B instead of an F, he might just say, "If you'd actually come to class, you'd have had an A." Sheesh. True story btw. Quotas and moving the kids along like cattle to be good earners and spenders is more important than giving them an actual education.. that's what I learned.

Katie Said:

Where can I get info about high school learning abroad?

We Answered:

If you visit the AFS website, they can help you a lot. They have been working with foreign exchange students since the 1920s and they send kids to over 40 different nations in every continent except Australia. You can take a semester or year long program with them, and you can choose your country. They offer financial aid and scholarships, and you live with a host family and attend school in the nation of your choice. For more information, visit

Good luck!

Lois Said:

Is it possible to graduate from high school without learning nothing?

We Answered:

Nothing? No. But the variation can be staggering - some schools like the advanced math and science academy (AMSA) prepare you to pass all the AP tests by the end of grade 11, and to study subjects like general relativity in grade 12.

In others you are lucky to have completed algebra 2 by grade 2. That's the problem with the US secondary education system. Fortunately unless you did horribly bad in HS you should be able to get into a college that will give a solid reliable education. Even if you did horrid a CC is still open to you.


Angela Said:

Can anyone recommend me programs for learning high school math?

We Answered:

Yes there are many good websites for learning Algebra, Geometry and other math subjects:

Geometry Basics:… has many tutorials for Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry and other math subjects:…

This is a good website for learning Algebra:… has many tutorials, tutors and solved problems for Algebra and other math subjects:

Various websites for homework help for Algebra:…

Algebasics show step by step how to solve various Algebra problems:

Coolmath has various tutorials for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and etc. is a good website for learning basic mathematics:

You can use a search engine like to find more of these tutorials.

Also YouTube has a whole bunch of tutorials for Algebra, Geometry and pretty much anything else you can think of:……

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Gary Said:

How can I make High School learning fun or tolerable?

We Answered:

ok there is alot of things i want to say but typing those all things ........
so there is one web page that i know, i am sure that will help you
ok here is the link just try to read every thing it also have second page there are many useful things there

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Ian Bell said:

Personally, I would take the interesting and challenging class over the simple and dull class any day. Being in the simple and dull class would be so pointless. Then again, I enjoyed physics (see my sn), and I found it relatively easy compared to my fellow classmates.

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