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High School My

Ruben Said:

how can i let my mom go to my high school football game tonight?

We Answered:

lol,i have the same problem. today is the rival football game, first of the year and i cant go. my dad has t o work and my mom wont take me. and she wont let me get a ride with friends. it sucks, because it is between my school and the school i wanted to go to. ima freshman and think it would be cool to watch the game but cant. i live in washington? u? you can bargain with her, exchange something, like more chores for ____long. or you can just tell her you will call her every 45 min or something. just tell her that she can trust you and that you will be responsible.

Carl Said:

Is it hypocritical to teach high school kids about safe sex when you're a virgin yourself?

We Answered:

Absolutely not. You are teaching people who prefer to have sex to have it safely. It doesnt matter if your a virgin or not. All that matters is that your teaching people something good. It would be hypocritical if you WERENT having safe sex and were teaching people to do so.

Annette Said:

i need to know something about my high school?

We Answered:

I bet they can search you - kids don't have many rights. Or kids have rights on paper but the cops don't really care.

So best thing to do is keep all that stuff somewhere else - don't carry it with you ever.

Bryan Said:

My high school offers only 2 AP classes. Do I have a chance into accepatnce at an Ivy?

We Answered:

Ah, this is where you can show your true passion of learning to colleges. Students attending good high schools have resources at their fingertips, but motivated students like you who attend mediocre schools seem to be at a disadvantage. This is where you can show colleges that you are better.

You should show colleges that you are capable of overcoming these disadvantages by studying AP exams independently and then taking the tests. Now, it may sound discouraging because AP tests are college level material. But if you can find a subject that you have true passion in, then this can be possible.

I know one student who came from Chicago in a school with 0 AP courses. Nevertheless, he was capable of self-studying AP Calculus BC. In the summer of his junior year, he was admitted to a very prestigious summer camp for free because of this accomplishment.

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