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High School New York

Bobby Said:

What are the living requirements for going to a high school in new york city?

We Answered:

No you cannot go to school here if you don't live here. It has nothing to do with distance or travel time. Your parents pay taxes where you live not in NYC. The tax dollars collected from NYC residents pay for our schools.

To register in a NYC public school you must show proof of residence.

Melvin Said:

What kind of classes are there for High School Students after school in New York City?

We Answered:

American Museum of Natural History:
To be eligible to take these classes, students must go to school within the five boroughs of New York City. All high school students, from 9th through 12th grades, can attend.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art invites teens to take part in free classes held after school, on weekends, and during holidays. Visitors ages eleven through eighteen actively explore the Museum's collection through discussion in the galleries and the development of writing, drawing, painting, and other technical skills in the studio.
You might be able to get a paid internship here when you are a senior.

College Now:
College Now offers many activities and opportunities:
academic courses (both for high school and college credit).
Campus-based tours and cultural events, such as theater or dance performances.
Exclusive scholarship offers.

Hyperlinks for these 3 suggestions are below if you want more info.

Fernando Said:

What high school in New York is the best for me?

We Answered:

Only you can figure this out. This varies greatly from person to person.

I would suggest that you check out which is a website dedicated to helping students and parents navigate the public school system. They have much better reviews than other websites (they visit schools and conduct interviews, etc.) But also pay attention to the articles. And you can do an advanced search for schools that have the elements you want in a school.

Also, pay attention to distance - just because a school is in Queens, doesn't mean it's easy for you to get there from your house by subway. Check out the actual travel time.

Good luck!

Jon Said:

what is high school in New York like?

We Answered:

High school differs a LOT school by school. There are so many different kinds of schools in NYC and they don't even start and end at the same time.

As an example, my daughter will be going to the best arts high school in the City this coming school year. This school grants two diplomas - a NY State regents diploma (the kind of diploma a university bound student needs) and an arts diploma. As a result they have a full slate of arts courses to take in their given studio in addition to their academic classes. They also go to school an hour more then most of the kids in NYC.

While this is particular to this school, there are LOTS of differences in the over 600 high schools in NYC. Even what age you finish can be a loaded question. We have students coming here from all over the world, and many of them have trouble completing by age 18 (which is when most US born students should finish by - 17 or 18.) These students, many of whom have had an interupted education in their home countries (where they did not even attend school for a year or more) will sometimes graduate as late as 21 or 22 years old!

If you want a peek into the world of my daughter's high school, take a look at their website (and be sure to watch the video on the homepage, it's cool! Just click on "The Magic of Laguardia".) Here's the website:

Leonard Said:

What time(s) do public high school students in New York City begin school?

We Answered:

I start school at 8:00 AM. However, many schools open their doors at about 6:50 AM - 7 AM, as there are early classes (college prep classes, JROTC, etc) that start before school begins.
Different students start at different times, since some have fewer classes than others. (For example, seniors might have a 1-4 schedule compared to a freshman with a 1-8 or 2-9 schedule).
Generally all schools are open by 7 AM, since they serve breakfast and some start classes early.

Juanita Said:

Is there a news about Bayside High School, New York?

We Answered:

Not at Bayside.
Police have arrested a Queens, New York, college student accused of walking around on his school's campus carrying a single-shot rifle and wearing a George W. Bush rubber mask.

No injuries were reported in the incident Wednesday at St. John's University, a Catholic school with about 20,000 students. NYPD spokesman Paul Brown says it is not known at this point "why on this particular day" the suspect brought a gun on campus.

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