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High School Online

Annie Said:

How do i go back to high school online with out it being a scam ?

We Answered:

No, i do not believe you should get a GED. GED's do not carry much weight at all anymore, in fact almost no government job can ever be gained without an official accredited high school degree. You do want to make sure they are nationally or regionally accredited by REPUTABLE accrediting agencies like SACS and CASI and CITA.

You can do an easy payment plan and get a free demo account with GLA at

When you enroll for free you will be contact by a guidance counselor who are very informative about how accreditation is important and what you will need to do to begin taking classes.

Please do yourself a favor, going back to high school with a good school online is far more superior then a GED but make sure you do not take some fast program or ones that just issue degrees. Those are scams and are worthless. You want to have a program like the one we are suggesting you will actually learn something, gain the degree you need in life, and feel good about your accomplishment when you graduate.

Stacy Said:

Can you continue online High School if you move?

We Answered:

If it is a private online school, of course you can.

If it is virtual public charter school, no you can't unless you stay within the same district that the school covers.

Alma Said:

What do I need to do at my public school before enrolling at Penn foster high school online?

We Answered:

Are you disenrolling from your public school? you'll need to let them know (your guardian will actually). If you are enrolling in addition, make sure to talk with your counselor. There is an accreditation check on this website and more info:

Rhonda Said:

What colleges did you get in to if you did high school online?

We Answered:

One kid here was homeschooled all his life and got in to Stanford.

He didn't say what program he used.

Obviously the program has to include Trig, Pre-Calc, Civics, English Grammar, math Chemistry or Physics and a 2nd language as Stanford requires a 2nd langauge.

Dale Said:

Do you have to be pretty disciplined to do high school online?

We Answered:

No I kinda don't. Seriously I think you might fail, you do have to be really disciplined to do your schooling online. And if that's all you want to do then NO you most likely won't get 2 1/2 years done. Sorry.

Maybe you should try 3. And really just ween yourself off those chat rooms love.

Good Luck. Hopefully you can.

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