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High School Prep

Curtis Said:

What is college prep high school? Don't all high schools prepare you for college?

We Answered:

Highschools are govt. issued only to teach you atleast the basic needs to have an okay life and to make the country itself more smarter compared to other countries. Prep school only focus on getting you to college. Highschools really only care that everyone passes, and that's the end of that to them.

Valerie Said:

How do I get into Catholic College Prep High School Honors Classes?

We Answered:

In my Think u should ask ur mom or dad first before u go to catholic college so ur mom and dad will know about that question.

Clayton Said:

High school prep units for North Dakota State University?

We Answered:

My answer to both questions is yes./

Angel Said:

Is going to a college prep high school really more beneficial then a normal high school?

We Answered:

it rlly makes no difference to be honest. normal high school offers AP [advance placement] courses or IB courses that are college-level. i know people who have gone to normal high schools and have ended up in harvard, cornell and other prestigious colleges. it's your choice don't let your mom decide.

Stella Said:

Is prep school difficult to get into aka post grad-high school ?

We Answered:

Many PGs are athletes who think another year will help them with college recruitment. If you are a strong athlete in a sport that is important to Cheshire and you compare well to their accepted students, then you should have a very good chance of acceptance. If you are not an athlete, then I just don't know.

Carlos Said:

Why do high school college prep and honors class teachers teach everything that is on the homework yet college?

We Answered:

That is what college is all about: you are expected to do independent research & reading to supplement the lectures. You are supposed to think and explore. No longer is knowledge just feed to you verbatim.

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