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High School Private

Brett Said:

What is typically on an admissions test to a private high school?

We Answered:

It's just like a normal exam! I went to a private high school and it wasn't bad! They basically use those to judge AP classes and scholarships.

Relax, make sure you clear your head and have a good breakfast, take a deep breath and you will do fine! : )

Good luck!

Jon Said:

What are the benefits and challenges of going to a private high school?

We Answered:

best answer I have for that is that public schools are a bloated government institution. In private school you actually may learn something, instead of the standards being constantly lowered to make the school look better.

Tracey Said:

How can a college professor apply for a job in a private high school?

We Answered:

Check whether these schools have openings- use their websites, they usually have information there. Then apply for the post. PhD holders will be snapped up very quickly :D

Jeff Said:

How does someone who goes to a private high school make it into a big college playing football?

We Answered:

Players from private HS get onto TOP college football teams all of the time, a lot of teams recruit private schools first.

I live near Chicago and there are a LOT of great private schools here.

BTW have you ever heard of Donavan McNabb?
He went to Mount Carmel a private (Catholic) HS in Chicago.

Zachary Said:

How much does a private -high- school teacher make on average?

We Answered:

Well if it was that important, why didn't you specify a location? If you're teaching, you should know that location & cost of living are going to impact salaries.

But here's some samples> you can use the link below to get more specific, & as always, these figures are average & that means half are doing better, have are receiving less>>

• Houston >> $37K

• NYC >> $45K

• Chicago >> $40K

• Denver >> $41K

• Las Vegas >> $33K

• Miami >> $35K

• Los Angles >> $32K

Minnie Said:

What are your chances of getting into a private college if you attend a private high school?

We Answered:

As long as your parents are loaded it shouldn't be a problem.

Donald Said:

How can I get a tax deduction on my daughter's private high school tuition?

We Answered:

From what I remember, you can't. Unless the rules have changed, IRS sees it as a church donation even though the church doesn't see it as a tithe.

On a side note, be sure to check and verify the school is accredited. I knew a girl that went to a Catholic school here in San Antonio, they weren't. She has to go back to public school to make up a year and a half as the state refused to recognize the credits she earned there.

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Yeah, it's just like a normal exam! I went to a private high school and it wasn't bad!

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