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High School Programs

Max Said:

what are some good high school programs to use if i want to study broad in tokyo or osaka, japan?

We Answered:

I planned on doing this to when I'm in eleventh grade. I was looking at a site called two worlds united I believe, and you can be in the age range 15 to 18 sometimes 19 depending on were you go an what you do. If you plan doing it for one year it's about 15000 or 8000 I can't remember sorry. And the grade poi t averag. For that is over a c or atleast better. And the summer one is the least expnsive you get to do it during your summer vacation I believe and he grade poi t average is 2.00 or just a little bit higher or lower sorry o haven't looked at the site for about a week. But this is he only program I have looked at and liked but if I were you I would have his as a back up and look at different ones. Goo luck finding a program and good luck In japan if you do go!

Discuss It!

Steve said:

Personally, I would take the interesting and challenging class over the simple and dull class any day. Being in the simple and dull class would be so pointless. Then again, I enjoyed physics (see my sn), and I found it relatively easy compared to my fellow classmates. I took two years of physics in high school: a rigorous Physics Honors curriculum comparable to AP Physics B, and a year of AP Physics C. Though Physics Honors was difficult, it was a blast because we had projects like simulating an Apollo moon mission and a physics movie project. AP Physics C was not as fun because the schedule was tight because of the set curriculum (we did mechanics and E&M).

Pulau Pramuka said:

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Travel Pulau Pramuka said:

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