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High School Student Credit Card

Nathaniel Said:

CREDIT GURUS, HELP!! : High credit card debt, 700 mid-fico, student, job....debt consolidation?

We Answered:


Credit Card Counseling Debt Consolidation

People with good credit score, who have a high level of revolving credit debt, can easily get loan at lower interest rates for credit card debt consolidation.

People who have less credit but have equity in homes can choose credit card debt consolidation with home equity debt consolidation loan.

But some people are being totally consumed by credit card debt. Such people often live from paycheck to paycheck. Most of these people need help to consolidate credit card debt.

If you are drowning in high interest credit card debt and wish credit card debt consolidation, nothing to worry; credit card debt counseling is most successful and best way of tackling this problem.

If you find any problem regarding credit card debt consolidation, it will be wise to seek debt consolidation counseling.

Be very cautious while deciding upon a company for credit card debt consolidation. Even non-profitable groups can be dishonest. Some of them are just brokers who do very little to eliminate your debt and charge high fees.

You can ask to other people who have already gone through debt counseling.

How credit card counseling can be helpful for you?

1. Consolidation counseling will help you negotiating with your creditors to offer you credit card debt consolidation loan at lower interest rates.

2. Right debt consolidation counseling will help you increasing your debt pay off time length.

3. They will help you learn how to be in control of your debt.

4. Counselors will help you know how transferring your balance to zero interest rate credit card is helpful in credit card debt consolidation. Equally important, you learn how to be in control of your debt rather than allowing it to be in control of you.

Heather Said:

Help financially struggling college student. My credit card debt is piling high?

We Answered:

Whatever you do, don't ever file bankruptcy for $4,000. I don't care how broke a person is, that is not the move you want to do.

Be familiar with:
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)…

I would prob get a free consult from an attorney who has collection experience for advice, since collectors are aggressive, and persuasive. You have to know the law and your rights. Their job is to say or do anything to get you to pay. U.S. federal law is very specific on what they can and cannot do or say.

Credit Counseling is another alternative who can assist you in negotiations and payment plans. Look for a non-profit company. Ask about their costs and fees, and what do they do for you. Get is all in writing.

Search Credit Counseling Agencies Approved Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 111 (US Dept of Justice official site)…


Get it handled.
Stop using the cards. Cut them up.
Use cash or debit card for all purchases.
Evaluate your lifestyle. Cut back on excesses, and services you can downgrade to less expensive service for now.

Good Luck!

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