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High School Student Credit Cards

Megan Said:

When do credit card company's start sending high school students credit card offers in the mail?

We Answered:

Simple really young people are the ones most likely to not read the terms and conditions for the card and are the most likely to run up high balances and incur late fees, over the limit fees and paying the maximum amount of interest. It also starts a long time association with depending on credit cards to live.

Jennie Said:

how can i find a list of credit cards for high school students under the age of 18?

We Answered:

No list is available. Students under 18 years of age is not able to enter into a legal agreement with a credit card provider.

Marion Said:

Do you think that high school students should have credit cards?

We Answered:

absolutely not!

Melissa Said:

High school student credit card with parents as co-signers?

We Answered:

Assuming you aren't 18, you can not have a credit card in your name and cannot build your own credit. Since you aren't 18, you can't sign the legal documents to get a card.
Your parents can get a 2nd credit card on their account that will have your name on it, but it is still their account. They would be able to set the limit and they would be responsible for paying the bill. If your parents for good credit or better, almost all cc companies will do this.
When you are 18 you can get a student credit card that would be in your name and you are responsible for it. There are still restrictions on this card.

Ana Said:

high school credit card ?

We Answered:

if u cant get the card yet than dont rush it. wait till youre out of high school, or ask one of your parents if they can add you to their account and get a card in your name. you wont build credit, but u can pay it off by giving the money to them, and when you have your own card youll be used to paying for it.
most "credit building cards" or student cards have a annual fee which most times is high. try american express blue when u can get a card. they dont have an annual fee and i got it at 19 years old.

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