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High School Student Exchange Program

Elsie Said:

I am an Indian student looking for a high school exchange program in USA, Spain or Turkey. Please help !?

We Answered:

check out .it provides all information on study abroad, career counselling, entrence exams preparation like GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, visa counselling, loans for study abroad, accomodation, universities etc.

Lewis Said:

Foreign exchange program for a high school student?

We Answered:

Hi, I am currently an exchange student with Rotary. I am having the time of my life an am really impressed with the program. Here are some reasons why I like it.

1. They are a huge network of people worldwide, and you will get help in public places when you need it. (I was lost in an airport in my host country, wearing my blazer, and a business man came up to me and helped me get to my flight because he recognized I was with Rotary)
2. Rotart prepares you for the exchange, gets you together with "inbounds" from other countries while you are getting ready to go, and also helps you re-adjust when you get home.
3. While in your host country, you will meet the other exchange students in your district which can be theraputic as they are sharing the same tough experiences.
4. Your host Rotary district organizes trips so you can see your host country.
5. There is a large supporting network of people before during and after your exchange.
6. The cost can be cut, because many scolarships are offered, the program is based entirely on volunteer work, and you don't pay your host family.
7. They typically send you your Junior year but you can go as a senior.
This is my insight for you! Hope it helps. I HIGHLY reccomend you go through with any exchange that seems best for you.

Theresa Said:

Malaysian student searching for high school year exchange program.?

We Answered:

Go to the Japanese Cultural Attache's office - they will help and guide you.

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