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High School Student Exchange

Sheila Said:

Is Taiwan safe for an american high school exchange student?

We Answered:

Yes, absolutely. It is considered a First World Country, and your life in Taiwan will be the same as your life in America.

The only major difference with be the difficulties with Language: English is not really spoken by large sectors of the population.

You will definitely have a good time in shopping there and visiting the provinces - there are lots of interesting places so see.

For more updates about living as a foreigner in Taiwan:

Gregory Said:

Is it true that you can still go to another country as a high school exchange student if you've just graduated?

We Answered:

Yeah, that's what college exchange students are for. Not an opinion, a fact.

Mitchell Said:

What Which European country is the best for a high school student exchange?would you like to ask?

We Answered:

England or France of course.

Phyllis Said:

Which European country is the best for a high school student exchange?

We Answered:

I would pick the UK or Switzerland.

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