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High School Student Leadership

Aaron Said:

Would you rather take Ap chemistry or Leadership(student government) in high school?

We Answered:

If you didn't like chemistry and don't plan to major in science, the obvious answer is to take Leadership. However, the AP class is more challenging and will look more attractive to college.

Danielle Said:

What are some good leadership workshops i could present to high school students?

We Answered:

make them make a catapult. That shoots watermelons. and see who goes the farthest. And give candy to the winning group.

Or an egg catapult. that works too.

But u gotta provide some sort of instruction.

good luck.

Amber Said:

High school students - has anyone ever gone to lead america's congressional student leadership conference?

We Answered:

Yeah I've gotten those a couple times, Im 99% sure they are just from filling out the PSAT's since most people I talk to have gotten them too.
I mean, they are legit.. if you want to pay $3000 or more to go to washington for a week. Sure, you'll learn, but it would be tough to say if a week was worth so much money.
Good luck!

Georgia Said:

What are good extra curricular activites for a high school student?

We Answered:

When it comes to jobs... I don't know if I can help you there :) but for extra curricular activities, I would suggest scouts. I have been in girl scouts since 1st grade, and my little brother is in boy scouts. I have friends that are sophomores, and juniors that are in scouts. It really is a lot of fun, and you tend to make some pretty awesome friends, not to mention it looks greats on college applications afterwards, lol :)
Anyways, hope this helped!!

Glen Said:

What effects does leadership training have on High school Students?

We Answered:

I have serious doubts about leadership trainings as a training. I've seen it where they will choose some students at random to give them the training, and it does more harm than good because kids don't understand why one was chosen and the other not. Plus, I question the logic that leadership is learned in this fashion. Leadership is really earned.. it's earned by leading. If a high school really wants to develop strong leaders than they need opportunities in the school for students to work and take responsibilities.

I've known a lot of students who run set up for teacher meetings, manage technology centers at the school, and work in the office. They jobs create leaders because they give students the power to make good and bad decisions. We don't create leaders, we create opportunities for leaders to rise up.

Byron Said:

Student Leadership in High School?

We Answered:

Hell yea it would look better! Most colleges realize that study hall is often an arbitrary placeholder, and that it's almost a synonym for "do-nothing 101". It shows signs of senioritis, and that won't look good. Student leadership would look way better.

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Leader of high school students is a very hard work. Because high school students have a lot of problems.