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High School Student Rights

Joy Said:

high school student rights on videotaping class?

We Answered:

1- Yes
2- Yes
3- Yes, not just the teacher's but permission from the school. Also a good idea to have written permission from anyone on camera.

Lillian Said:

Is it creepy/wrong for a 22-year-old supposedly Christian pastor to hit on a 17-year-old high school student?

We Answered:

If this is really happening, you need to report it. It's more than a red flag, and chances are that not only has he done this before, he will do it again. And next time it might be someone a lot younger.

Mario Said:

What is a normal school day like for a high school student in Italy?

We Answered:

Well, I'm not from Abruzzo, but I live in Modena, Italy :D

normal school day? Okay :)
I usually wake up at 6.40 am and then exit home at 7.30 to take the bus; we don't have school buses here, and everyone needs to get at school by common buses, or by bike, moped or car (in this case, parents usually have to take you to school, cause we can't drive a car till we're 18 :P).
I stay at school from 8.00 to 1 pm and then I go home. Lessons are over, but you can stay at school in the afternoon if you want to join after-school activities such as the School Magazine or Drama.. these give you some credits ;)
School lasts from the second week of September to the second one of June.
Oh yes! There are some other differences :P
- We don't need to stay at school to eat, so there's not a cafeteria :P but some schools have a cafè, a simple one, no tables.. just food and cans :P
- Our classes are a lot different. Before we start our first high school year, someone defines some groups of people (usually around 26-30 kids), and there are gonna be our classes for the following 5 years. Usually nothing changes, unless someone's school year gets rejected (dunno how to translate it XD). This happens when your marks are too terrible, and you have to repeat all of your courses...
- The class always stays in one room only. Teachers need to move around the building to get to class, not us!! :D We don't have lockers and always need to carry a rucksack with lots of books....
- School choice is COMPLETELY different :P We can choose between different types of schools; Classic Lyceum (with Latin and Ancient Greek, and just a few Maths), Scientific Lyceum (with Biology, Phisics, lots of Maths and no Greek [this is mine!! :D]), and high schools specialized in other subjects, like artistic or technical education, modern languages or education itself.
Once you are in one of these schools, you must study ALL the subjects!!
- We don't have a prom, or a school sports team, or cheerleaders, or... well, I think you got it :P

Hope I've been helpful :D

Joseph Said:

do high school students have rights to transfer out of their classes?If so what is this law called?

We Answered:

There is no law--it's all school policy.

You're stuck.

Henry Said:

Homeschool Student / Football High School Rights?

We Answered:

idk if its his right or not but i know this kid at myschool was homeschooled but he played on our baseball team, tho i think he talked to the coach

Lucy Said:

What are the transgender rights for high school students in Nebraska?

We Answered:

Well a lot depends on your local school officials. To have any chance with them you need two things:

1. Supportive parents
2. A gender therapist:

If you intend to socially transition at school your parents, therapist and school administrators can negotiate the ground rules. Most gender therapists, doctors, surgeons and patients follow the internationally recognized Standards of Care:

Hope this helps.

Pearl Said:

When is the right time for a high school student to take the ACT or SAT?

We Answered:

Try to take both the SAT and ACT in your junior year (the last administration is usually in May). This gives you time to take either or both again in the fall of your senior year, before your applications are due. It's pretty important to take them more than once; most people's scores go up anywhere from 20-100 points just from taking the test a second time (regardless of any other prep you do!).

Here are the websites where you register:……

Good luck!

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