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High School Student Survey

Eleanor Said:

High school student survey?

We Answered:

Silly, silly Sophomore!

Like enrollment fee? I go to public school so I don't pay anything

Sort of. Most are Caucasian with a big group of Indians and Asians and a few African-Americans that come in daily from Boston

Not that many programs but I think it has enough. A lot of clubs and sports offered.

Yes. Most rarely have paper towels and soap and a lot of the time are missing toilet paper.

Most teachers care but I think by halfway through the year most want to strangle half their students.

I'd say so.

Theodore Said:

Please Answer My Survey!?*High School Student*?

We Answered:

Toooooooo loooooooooooooooooooooooong

Philip Said:

For a news program I need to ask a group of high school students a survey question, what should I ask?

We Answered:

Ask if they have ever been involved in a bullying incident, either as the instigator or the victim. This is a big issue in the news right now given the recent suicides of several teens due to harassment and bullying.

Roger Said:

High School Student Survey?

We Answered:

3.e- i have to wear uniform man

Alright? :)

Elaine Said:

Anyone got any ideas for a good survey topic for high school students?

We Answered:

Well, a High School student would be interested in (SEX) should not be a Survey question, let alone put into writing.
How about, "If you were a High School student in 1968 Graduating and eligible for the DRAFT (Viet Nam War, useless like the Iraq war) and Guys are dodging the DRAFT, WOULD YOU" .....then let them use the 5 choices?

Hugh Said:

Survey for high school student?

We Answered:

I get 8 hours of sleep.
Math grade : 93.38%
in geometry M217.

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