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High School Student Travel

Jack Said:

Financial Aid for High School Student Traveling Abroad?

We Answered:

You can always take out a loan specifically for travel abroad at

Katherine Said:

I am a high school student who wants to travel to Australia?

We Answered:

I heard that people to people have really good fundraisers to help raise the money.

Darren Said:

what's a good travel company for a high school student to travel out of the country over the summer?

We Answered:

Here you go...all the best of the programs.…

Start with Sister Cities if yours has one. Or YFU.

Joseph Said:

Can someone recommend safety tips for a female high school student travelling to Mexico with a student exchang

We Answered:

look I'm form that city but I'm living in unites states for long time and i have seem to many changes in that city but the best thing you can do is don't go out to a place you don't know and only with people are in charge of you safety if some invite you make sure they know where you going and who is that person I'm thinking to do the same thing with my son because he needs to learn speak in Spanish .

Michelle Said:

I'm a high school student who wants to travel to a third world country to help. How?

We Answered:

Find a local church that is following this route, and accompany them. They may get lots of donations, but not as many volunteers. More volunteers is sometimes (usually?) better than more donations when it comes to elbow-grease.

A church group, though small, is also usually bigger and better organized than similar local, foriegn-aide groups, limiting your chances of getting abducted or whatever. You do not have to be religious to join, and the help is not exclusively given to people of the same faith.

Diana Said:

What does a High school student need to travel within the united states as far as documents?

We Answered:

Yes, the ID card issued by the school will suffice, as long as it has a picture.

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