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High School Student Trips

Leo Said:

Costa Rica trip...High school student needs YOUR help! :D?

We Answered:

I just got back from Costa Rica, and I was amazed about how much better the trip was than I thought it'd be. Be sure to see the volcano in Arenal erupt, white river-raft, and zip-line! You may wanna consider going with a tour group to let you know the safe areas and to keep you in contact with the nice people there.. I went with EF College Break, and it was amazing.. I know the code Tech2009 saves you money if you ever go on a tour with them, and if you have any questions, feel free to email!

Arnold Said:

Good, non-homestay abroad trip for high school student?

We Answered:

I would ask around at the local schools. A lot of school organize trips every year or two years. They aren't school trips in the sense that they are academic. At my school (in Canada), there were four teacher chaprones and their spouses who supervised. They used the program EF (Education First) to organize the tours and deal with booking and such. So it wasn't a "school trip" so much as an "organized at school" trip. We would see the major sites -- like we hit up Paris while in France and Rome while in Italy, as well as some other cool places (like Nice, France, and Pompei, Italy) and a couple small towns so we could get a taste of "normal life" away from all the touristy things. If a school nearby is doing something like that, you could ask if you could go along as well -- if you paid and attended any mandatory meetings, I can't imagine it making a difference whether or not you actually attended the school, and you'd quickly make friends with a bunch of new people to boot. Perhaps start asking around at schools in your town or in neighbouring towns/cities.

I really had fun on the Europe trip and went twice (one was France and Italy, the other was England, France, and Spain), even though none of my closest friends went. It's a great way to get a taste of other countries and see if you are interested in travelling later in life, and going through a program in highschool is one of the cheaper and safer ways for a teenager to travel without parents.

Mitchell Said:

Are there any grants that would cover educational trips for high school students?

We Answered:

Unless the program itself offers a stipend or grant, I don't think she can apply for something to pay for it. I recommend that she send letters to family and friends asking for donations. I did that to pay for a trip in high school that totaled about $2500.

Tracey Said:

How much should I budget for food on a camping trip for High School students?

We Answered:

Not Spend allot on food

Jo Said:

High school student volunteer trip?

We Answered:

ya there is because im 15...almost 16 and im in a club at my high school that does community service and during the summer break, the people in the club that sign up will go to poor countries like Nicaragua for 1 week to help build a school there, live with the villagers, live without electricity or running water, eat their type of food and learn about their culture..but idk if they have that club in Australia because im in the U.S...the club that im in is called "buildOn"

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