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High School Students Jobs

Aaron Said:

how can high school students find jobs?

We Answered:

You either need to do under-the-table jobs (baby sitting, etc), or get permission from your school do get work. Once you do this, you can apply to entry-level jobs. Your best bet is retail or food service. If you're very lucky, you could find a secretary's assistant job... but don't count on it.

James Said:

How do some high school students hold down jobs and get amazingly good grades at the same time?

We Answered:

Some people find school easier than others. I have always believed that one should not work in HS or college unless absolutely necessary, because it does normally pull down the GPA. Maybe you should try the old saying, "a penny saved is a penny earned." For example, I'm in my third year at college right now. I entered with about $5000 in the bank from previous summer jobs. And with careful spending, I only have $1250 in student loans, even though I'm getting no (financial) support from my family and don't have a job. I would suggest keeping the grades up is more important.

Also, @Kirsten Kira: while it is true HS is geared towards passing tests not excelling in life, it is a necessary step to college, which is almost necessary to succeed in modern America.

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