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High School Students Pictures

Roberta Said:

Do you find it okay for high school student yearbooks to depict illegal or immoral behavior?

We Answered:

While the Tinker v. Des Moines case in 1969 allows for freedom of expression among school kids, nothing allows for illicit behavior. The students in this Indianapolis school should not have been allowed to publish these kinds of pictures - was there no adult there to stop them?? - and could (perhaps even should) be prosecuted as a result.

It sounds like the taxpayers and voters in Indianapolis should hold school administrators responsible for this lack of oversight.....

Erika Said:

Help Me Find A Website With Pictures of High School Kids?

We Answered:


Dean Said:

how can I fine pictures of students at lake village high school?

We Answered:

u'll have to try lots of student uses that website to get in touch with their old friends from high schools.good luck girl.

Roger Said:

i need to find pictures on students that attend rivercrest high school in wilson arkansas?

We Answered:

Go to They are really good for that. You can also call that high school and ask them about previous year books.

Beverly Said:

pictures of rancho high school in las vegas students and events of 1996?

We Answered:

Rancho Site

Willie Said:

Does a high school principal have to right to take pictures of his students on the weekends?

We Answered:

Anyone can take your picture anywhere and anytime. He isn't posting these in a public forum for all to see, he is showing them to your parents. If you don't want your parents to see you doing stupid things, then don't go to the places where you could get in trouble! It used to be that everyone in neighborhoods knew each other and that parents would keep other parents informed. Nowadays, neighbors don't talk and that makes it very hard to be a parent. Your principal is just making your parents aware of the situation. It is up to your parents to decide what to do about the situation. I hope someday my kids' teachers and principals will let me know if they are sneaking around and getting in trouble so that I can help my kids make better choices.

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