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High School Students Provide

Herbert Said:

Does every high school student in the United State get a laptop?

We Answered:

Nope. I live in Fresno, California and I can tell you that some public schools that offer laptop programs may provide one for limited usage, but most students who want to use a laptop in school must purchase their own.

Katie Said:

Does your high school provide day care for its students' babies?

We Answered:

When I was in school, a few years ago, it did. But, the waiting list was so long the girls had to take their kids elsewhere or drop out.
Pretty sad when there has to be a daycare a high schools for girls to finish school.

Phyllis Said:

What is your opinion on providing high school students with condoms/other methods of birth control in school?

We Answered:

I think it is a good start in preventing world overpopulation.

Maria Said:

Should high schools provide students with contraceptives?

We Answered:


IT's no different than a school giving out cigarette lighters, zig-zags, bowls, pipes, needles, scales, and other drug paraphernalia and justifying it by saying, "oh, the kids will do drugs anyways, so let's just give them free drug stuff"

Tammy Said:

Should high school clinics continue to provide condoms to students?

We Answered:

They should stop providing condoms to the students as with this they are just promoting sex and nothing else. In this way they encourage the students for sex.

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