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High School Study Guides

Javier Said:

i need a link for study guides and sample tests for the Chicago public high school entrance exam? ?

We Answered:

There really isn't any. I also went to look two years ago so I can practice, but couldn't find any. It would have really helped though, cause I only got a 73% or 729 of 1000 on it. You need at least a 740 or higher for those schools. But, you shouldn't really need a guide cause the test is mostly based on 7th and 8th grades. My suggestions are when you choose the school in December to take the test, choose one where your friends are going cause my friends did that and cheated of each other and got a very good score, I wasn't with them so I didn't do so good. Also, get good sleep since testing starts at 8AM. Really practice reading and vocabulary.

If you do not do so well on it like me, you can still make it to good schools like Lane Tech like me by doing this. Once you get the letter with the scores, and if you didn't get accepted to any, go to Lane or any school you wanted to go to the next day, and talk to the counselor or admissions office about 2nd enrollment and to reconsider accepting you. That's how I got into Lane even with a bad score. Also, I sent you the email back with the reply, I really recommend Lane over many others like Whitney, Jones, Northside, and Payton. People at the school are really nice and helpful, and with 4,000 kids, you can easily make friends.

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