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High School Study Skills

Alfred Said:

How to choose what to study after High School?

We Answered:

Where I'm from we have books of college courses from every college around your region. It's huge, but it's good to read through and get an idea of what courses interest you most.
You don't have to do something because you're talented at it, you just need an interest. Consider the subjects you put effort into, and search for a course that involve them.
There are a million careers and courses that hardly anyone knows of to choose from.

There are that many options nowadays, and if you still can't find what you want to do, just take a year off and defer to think about it. Taking a year off will help you earn money for college as well :)

Crystal Said:

I want to reach parents of kids who are stressed out at high school - where do you suggest?

We Answered:

Get a teen to pass out flyers at his school,or organizational event.
Use media, radio,the net. Post an ad on your local activity board.
Pass out flyers at your senior citizen center-grandparents tell their kids
post flyers at local businesses-coffeshops,nail salons,etc.
pass out flyers at summer school classes
You can also set up a booth to promote business at any job fair,festival in the area and give out your newsletter,or flyers.
Advertise on your local area/towns website
sounds like a great idea you have.

Greg Said:

Why should High-school students study chemistry?

We Answered:

Chemistry is a requirement for almost all science related courses (and a lot of other random ones). This is why most people do it...but if it is needed, you can always do a bridging course for Uni. Some people say it's fun too...obviously this doesn't include you.

But yeah, it is very irrelevant for your course in business. If you don't like it, drop it. There is no point in keeping it.

Science certainly doesn't explain how everything got just explains what happened once it did.

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