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High School Summer School

Jessica Said:

What is the typical high school summer school like?

We Answered:

Most summer schools are half day leaving around noon every day. Summer school around here usually lasts about 6 weeks. Summer school is usually offered fro free by the district to students who have failed classes. I would talk to the attendance clerk at your school for an application. The schools in this area only allow you to take 2 classes in summer school.

Randy Said:

Universities and High School Summer School Marks?

We Answered:

well when I was in high school my guidance counsellor told me the university will look at all your marks and know that you repeated the course but they will only use your top 6 marks when calculating your avg. so it shouldn't hurt your chances

Leah Said:

Does high school summer school work for college?

We Answered:

If you plan on taking biology at your high school and want college credit , I believe it has to be AP biology. Or a dual credit class where you can take a class at your high school but it actually counts for college credit from a college in your state.

But I am so pretty sure that you cannot take these classes over the summer. But if there Is a local community college youcoulf look into taking summer classes there. That will count for college credit.

Sue Said:

Are there any high school summer school alternatives?

We Answered:

well, in mine we can retake classes as much as we want, (within reason.)

so good luck[:

Reginald Said:

Does high school summer school cost money in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, and if so how much?

We Answered:

Yes, you do have to pay for summer school. High school is only paid for by the government during school year and only for students who are currently enrolled in high school. Students that fail any courses and need to retake them during summer school also have to pay for summer school unless they want to take another year to retake a course that may result in a delay in graduation.

If you have already graduated and just want to upgrade there are alot of continuing education courses provided by different colleges in your city. Unfortunately each college have different prices so it's hard to quote a price. It can range from $200 - $500 or even more.

Try looking at

I'm sure there are more colleges in Charlottetown.

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