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High School Teachers

Ian Said:

How do high school teachers get paid in Texas?

We Answered:

At this point, probably in pesos and beans

Clinton Said:

What do high school teachers do with pictures?

We Answered:

My teachers usually have pictures of former students on display or on bulletin boards. It's a normal thing to be asked.

Julian Said:

How late can high school teachers keep their class after school as punishment?

We Answered:

i think it's like 30 mins to an hour. talk to the principal about it and explain the situation about kids missing their buses. i live in a rural area so th school uses an in-house type of detention and suspension program. where the kids do their punishment during school hours.

Marshall Said:

What type of presents do high school teachers like?

We Answered:

Asking that question is like asking what kind of presents do little kids like. In general, you can say toys, but if you were to buy a specific gift for a specific child, you need to know what they like. So like the first person said, try to remember back to see if they ever mentioned something about themselves. (Like their favorite color or favorite music band, etc.) Or if you can't think of anything, there's nothing wrong with a box of fancy chocolate, a mug with their name on it (or with "#1 Teacher" on it), or maybe a nice necklace or some other kind of jewelery/apparel at a flea market. You can usually find a good deal at flea markets, and maybe even find something nice for yourself ;)

Joe Said:

How well payed are College Professors in comparison to High School teachers?

We Answered:

In history, one would need a doctorate (Ph.D) to be a qualified candidate for a tenured professorship position. You can get a masters if you just want to be a lecturer or non-tenured instructor, however, but beware... the pay of a lecturer is far worse than a secondary school teacher! You will definitely want a tenured position if you want to make this a career you can live on.

As for salary, that depends on the institution and what type it is. Research institutions pay the most and ironically you will be teaching the least there as research is foremost your primary task. Generally, humanities professors don't get paid a whole lot compared to other areas but an assistant professorship would probably start around mid 60s and rise rapidly as you gain the ranks. It is very difficult to obtain a professorship at a research level institution however. You'll need to be a true scholar by publishing prolifically.

At community colleges you will be paid a lot less but teaching is paramount; look at high 40s/low 50s starting pay, with gradual but not a whole lot of rise in pay. Easier entry as one does not need as much of an all-star scholastic record, but increasingly more difficult as the amount of unemployed Ph.D applicants rises.

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