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High School Test Prep

Lillian Said:

Im worried about the Georgia High School Graduation Test. What can I do to better prepare?

We Answered:

Those tests are pass fail. They mean nothing for college. As long as your not in the bottom 10% of your class or so - you should easily pass. They are designed to see if the bottom few really deserve a deployma.

Anita Said:

Catholic High Schools Admission Test Question?

We Answered:

Formula sheets should be provided.

Jamie Said:

i need an online prep for the SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Test)?

We Answered:

lol im soooo stressed about that test. im going to take it in like 3.5 months. D: its getting closer and closer. lol anywayyy. to answer your question, i really dont think there are any FULL online tests. what you can do if you really want to take it, go to your nearest library and check out a shsat test prep book. There's probaly one or two full length practice tests in the back. I reccomend the barrons test prep books. they are harder and the questions are much more difficult than other test prepp companies. :D

Harvey Said:

High School SHSAT Questions?

We Answered:

Take summer classes =D i did and NOW im in tech (1 day left lol)
TECH IS THe most awesome school, so many nice people that help u out

Anyways... go to Barnes and Noble and get a SHSAT book. Do one practice test each week or 2. And time yourself (3 hours).
Then which ever question you got wrong go over it. I recommend you find many SHSAT tests because if you don't take classes, its going to be hard to learn new materials.
Also I put Stuy. first then Bronx science and then Tech. I ended up getting into Tech lol... i didn't finish my test -.- bad timing D=

Gene Said:

Specialized High School Prep!!?

We Answered:

I know it's harder then Kaplan.
The test has easy problems, medium problems, and a few hard problems towards the end (math)

High 500 on Barrons would get you a secure spot in STUY, and 100% Brooklyn tech/staten island tech.

Raul Said:

HELP! ICE high school entry test prep?

We Answered:

Really the math and reading should be easy- and it takes years to learn, you can't cram. So just rely on your school knowledge.

Vocab is where it gets iffy. You can study words, learn strategies, etc- but for that you need a prep book. I kinda just winged it, got a 720, but cause of my 790 math and reading still got in all the schools I applied to

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