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High School Travel

Bruce Said:

Take a year after high school to travel then go to University?

We Answered:

I agree with you that it is a great opportunity to see the world and find your soul. However, a year is a long time, you really cannot foresee what will happen. There will be so many unknowns... maybe something will happen and will make you want to change your original plan, maybe you will wanna stay in europe, maybe you will meet someone and fall in love, maybe you will hate it and be homesick, and of course you might love it. What I am getting at is have a Plan B. If the year goes well, then that's fine, but if you hated it, let's say, 3months into it, then what??
A friend of mine applied for UC Berkeley, then got accepted, then he decided to go backpacking in Europe, so he wrote the school a letter, explaining his plan. They understood, and "hold" his spot, and he ended up coming home after a few months from Europe and started college.
You cannot predict the future, but it is always safer to have a backup plan.

Patricia Said:

Is it better to travel after High School, or after College?

We Answered:

What an interesting question! While I think traveling anytime is great :), I would recommend after - or even during - college. You have the opportunity to study in college where you want to go. And believe it or not, being older when you travel is an advantage - it can be dangerous, and the increased smarts you get with age are an advantage. Have fun!

Pedro Said:

What are some good high school travel abroad summer programs?

We Answered:

AFS has some great programs. The program itself doesn't really control you much, it would just depend on your host family...but I think that's true of most study abroad programs (with home stays). If you are looking to go away just to drink and party, don't waste your money on an expensive program, just travel. You can have fun when you study abroad but you won't get much out of it if that's the only reason you are going. Programs like AFS and Rotary and Amigos are really cool me, if you go, try to get more out of it than a summer of parties.

Emily Said:

Travel for a semester (high school) like traveling school but more destinations?

We Answered:

If you are looking for a great high school program, The Traveling School goes to Africa (which you aren't interested in from your note), but also South America and Central America. They have HUGE scholarships, so the cost can end up being way, way less.

The other programs that are like The Traveling School are World Class Kayak Academy (if you kayak), High Mountain Institute (which stays in Colorado and does cool things outdoors), Where There be Dragons (limited academic credit) and Coastal School for Girls (stays in Maine).

Good luck with your search, and I think you should contact The Traveling School to figure out more of their ititnerary and program - it could be a good fit!

Elizabeth Said:

are there any high school travel groups for the summer?

We Answered:

you could be a foreign exchange student and switch with another school. Inquire with your school about how to go about doing it.
I went through the program when I was 15. I wound up at a Buddhist village. You can believe my surprise when I found out they didn't believe in killing!

Bobby Said:

How do you create a high school travel basketball team?

We Answered:

im not sure but if u live where NJB is avaliable do that they have a high school league. that is what i am doing

Tammy Said:

Is there any difference in the level of play on a non-high school travel baseball team and a travel team.?

We Answered:

Those two are one and the same. I don't know how good you or your kid is, so I don't know what to recommend. If you are looking for top-notch baseball, East Cobb is the way to go. I can also recommend 6-4-3 Cougars or a number of other, smaller teams.

If you are just looking for a place to play and have fun, I suggest the American Legion. They play games so every kid has a chance to compete, and most coaches are extremely nice and understanding, while still being knowledgeable. Hope that helps!

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