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High School Website

Allen Said:

Is a high school newspaper website nonprofit?

We Answered:

A nonprofit organization is a legally constituted organization whose primary objective is to support or to actively engage in activities of public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit purposes.
since the magazine is not from a legally constituted nonprofit, ( ie., incorporated as non profit) it cannot be, in legal sense , a nonprofit website !!

Albert Said:

why is the itawamba agricultural high school's website down?

We Answered:

Have you tried the Internet archive? It's worth a shot.

Otherwise, you might have to cull information from what other newspapers have written about the school and site those people...and explain in your article that the Web site was down.

Rebecca Said:

what are important factors to consider in building a high school website?

We Answered:

Take a look at other schools in your area to get a feel for what is generally put on High School websites.

The simplest starter site could just be a page with a picture of your school, phone numbers and contact information.

From there, the basic rule for websites is "remember your customer". Consider what the customers - that is, students, teachers, and parents - would find useful and want to see. Sometimes these will conflict, and if you don't want to get involved in the political process, then do other things.

Common things on school websites:
- recent news and announcements
- homework assignments and grades, copies of handouts
- school calendar
- items for sale like school T-shirts, school concert or play tickets
- individual teacher webpages

Agnes Said:

What exactly do i do now when i first log in Penn Foster high school website?

We Answered:

Penn Foster has people who will help you. Look around the high school website you logged into for a Contact or Help link. I would guess, however, that you can start with whatever is already available online. If you haven't studied anything or done any work yet, you can't do the exams.

Stacey Said:

Where can I find a high school website from a spanish-speaking country?

We Answered:

You could try this website:

and if you just need, one, anyone, then here you are:

Max Said:

Can anyone give me the suwannee high school website?

We Answered:

try this…

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