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Hiring High School Students

Amy Said:

Any individuals know of businesses who are hiring High school students?

We Answered:

Let's see: A drug user, prior criminal record, most likely poor grades, unsociable, etc.

With so many things working against you, you probably should not be so picky.

Florence Said:

does holllister hire high school students ?

We Answered:

Yes, they do. In the state of California (not sure about other states) you have to be at least 17 years of age. There are usually two positions available: Model and part-time impact (PTI). As the title suggests, the model position requires that you meet the visual appearance standards of Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch. While this is subjective to a certain degree, the expectations from a company standpoint are fairly clear. Since neither Hollister nor A&F use external advertising (i.e. tv commercials or magazine ads) the models that work in the store are the "walking billboards" and constitute the company's visual marketing. This why they have specific standards with regards to appearance/beauty for the model position. The PTI position has no "beauty requirement" since it is more task oriented. This position requires that a person can stay focused and on task, work efficiently either independently or as part of a team. Chose a position according to what you believe your strong points are. Good luck and don't be discouraged if you don't get hired the first time around. Whether a person gets hired or not sometimes depends as much upon seasonal staffing needs as personal characteristics and during periods of slow business you often need to be either drop-dead gorgeous or have a previous verifiable track-record as a reliable and competent associate with the company to get hired.

Margie Said:

I'm an incoming high school sophmore and am looking for a summer job. Is any place in san jose,CA hiring?

We Answered:

if you have a working permit... try any place in the mall. also take a look on look under "south bay". good luck to you!

Constance Said:

Does anyone know of any companies hiring high school students aged 17?

We Answered:

jobs teaching english are easy to get. you are usually herded in with other english speakers and paid very poorly. it is a good chance to get out and about. friends of mine have backpacked around most parts of the world picking up day jobs here and there to keep them going. its easier picking up jobs in countries that are less structured than western europe and the united states and canada. they even turned decent profits in south america because depending on where you are its very very inexpensive to live -- a notable exception is venezuela -- part of why chavez got elected -- the old government was as bad the united states.

Emma Said:

does anyone know of any jobs hiring high school students. im a junior but im only 15.?

We Answered:

Try summer job programs through your school. The mall and fast food restaurants hire with worker's permits.

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O'Neshia said:

I live in Savannah,ga . Is there any job openings for high school students ?

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