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Hispanic Scholarships For High School Students

Linda Said:

chances for URM at stanford? ?

We Answered: - try this site. It has info about getting into URM, tips to apply and grades requirements.

Sonia Said:

Is this a good resume for an engineering internship?

We Answered:

I would put "Good at mathematics" first, in boldface. State your grade in math if it really is good. Do not use the word "competent" because it has connotations of mediocrity.

Actually this is a pretty good resume, because it avoids all of the classic mistakes. Now you need to network to find the right engineer to employ you, set up an interview, and bring the resume with you.

My favorite technique is to call the CEO, ask whom to contact, then say "The CEO said I should call you". A better way is to go to a civil engineering conference and approach people during the breaks.

Say "I am in Texas (or wherever) on Tuesday, would I be able to stop by then?". You are trying to close a specific interview time in your phone call.

Raymond Said:

could i get into UCLA? any input?

We Answered:

Your GPA is not very high but your extracurricular activities are decent so you do have a good shot for LA or SD- SD being a better school in MHO.

Felicia Said:

What college would you recommend for me? (See details)?

We Answered:

What you are planning to major in should be a factor in your decision since a program from one university to the next can vary significantly even if the schools are closely ranked overall. For example if you wanted to major in Agriculture the University of Florida in Gainesville would be a better choice than Emory.

I know how brutal Wisconsin winters can be. I've been living in Madison, WI for 6 years. I'm originally from Florida. However the University of Wisconsin at Madison is ranked number 30 academically against 161 colleges and universities across the nation. We have cutting edge programs in a number of different majors. We are actually a better university than some ivy league schools on the east coast which is why 50% of our undergrads are from out of state.

You should really look into going to UW Madison if you are interested in getting a scholarship based on your minority status. You've only been in Wisconsin for a little while. It's really a great state. You should give it a chance.

Rodney Said:

After one or two years at SMU in Dallas, should I transfer to my top pick, Rice University?

We Answered:

Well, Rice is a better school than SMU, and if you want to go there than you should try and transfer. Transfer students are accepted more easily after they have completed a year of school elsewhere, that is how my fiance got into Baylor. But even if you transfer can't SMU is still a good school. It looks like the only con for you is that you would be farther from your parents, but you have to grow up sometime. You still have a while to think about it, but I would say try and apply and see what happens. If you do it your Fall semester of sophomore year and hate it you can move back after one semester and it shouldn't lose you too many credits, particularly if you are careful to choose classes that would transfer back to SMU easily.

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